Salesforce is utilized across diverse industries, catering to the needs of small businesses, medium-sized organizations, and large corporations. Salesforce is embraced by entities in the technology, retail, insurance, banking, and industrial sectors. Each successful application showcasing its versatility in addressing varied business requirements.

Salesforce, being a cloud-based CRM solution, plays a pivotal role in enhancing industry efficiency by offering tailored business management solutions. Its open-source and cloud-based nature empower businesses to streamline operations. This helps to boost sales, and increase revenue. Salesforce’s impact extends across multiple industries, revolutionizing the way organizations engage with customers and manage their operations.

Which Industries Use Salesforce?

Salesforce Industries, formerly known as Vlocity, specializes in six key sectors: communications, media and entertainment, energy and utilities, insurance, health, and government. It brings industry-specific expertise to address unique challenges and requirements within each sector.

Here’s a closer look at some business sectors that extensively use Salesforce:

Financial Services:

Salesforce assists financial institutions in building strong client relationships, offering personalized banking experiences, and managing wealth and investment banking operations. Notable companies in this sector using Salesforce include JP Morgan, Cyntrexa, and BNP Paribas Limited.


For media and communications companies, Salesforce simplifies communication with a digital-savvy audience across multiple channels. It aids in audience engagement, content distribution, and brand identity. Key players using Salesforce in this industry include Motorola Inc. and Aricent Group.


Salesforce CRM seamlessly manages various aspects of the automotive industry, from vehicle selection to post-sales customer service. It enhances customer interactions, streamlines lead distribution, and offers personalized experiences. Companies such as Toyota Motors and Mercedes-Benz leverage Salesforce CRM.


Salesforce Health Cloud transforms the healthcare industry by organizing patient data, facilitating one-to-one patient journeys, and improving collaboration among healthcare professionals. It empowers healthcare organizations to deliver better patient care. Companies like Amgen Inc. and Aetna Inc. are among those using Salesforce CRM in healthcare.

Consumer Goods:

In the consumer goods industry, Salesforce Industry Cloud connects customers with the right products, enabling businesses to create intuitive marketing strategies and manage transactions effectively.


Salesforce CRM enhances customer interactions in the hospitality industry by providing personalized services. It is utilized by hotels, transportation, travel, and other hospitality businesses to offer frictionless experiences.


Salesforce CRM is extensively used in the retail sector to manage inventory, orders, deliveries, and create personalized shopping experiences. Companies like Pepe Jeans and Loreal leverage Salesforce to understand and prioritize customer needs.


Salesforce CRM in the manufacturing sector provides a 360-degree view of customers, leads, and opportunities. It allows customization and streamlining of business processes for dealers, distributors, and customers. Companies like KONE and BlueScope Steel use Salesforce CRM in manufacturing.


Salesforce for Education offers products that connect insights across recruitment, admissions, and student success. It is designed for K-12 schools, community colleges, universities, and graduate schools. Notable improvements have been reported by organizations like Hayward Unified School District and Austin Achieve Public Schools.


Salesforce Media Cloud handles communication tasks across multiple platforms, supporting sales and marketing teams in engaging with customers. Noteworthy companies include Financial Times.


Salesforce offers components that support policy administration, benefit administration, claims, and billing in the insurance sector.

Energy and Utilities:

Energy & Utilities Cloud (E&U Cloud) combines Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud for utilities, retail energy, and modern energy services companies. It supports personalized service, unified customer and asset data, and business agility.


Salesforce for Nonprofits provides products that meet the unique needs of nonprofit organizations, transforming constituent engagements into lifelong relationships.

Government and Public Sector:

Salesforce is revolutionizing the public sector by helping governments adopt business and administrative service models. It facilitates stronger connections among citizens, employees, and governments.

It’s safe to say, Salesforce’s comprehensive industry solutions cater to specific needs across a wide array of business sectors, making it a crucial tool for businesses seeking tailored CRM solutions. Its adaptability and industry-focused approach have contributed to its widespread adoption across various domains.

At Tectonic we also feel it is safe to say that if Salesforce doesn’t have an industry specific solution for you, we can build one. And for your ongoing platform needs, Tectonic offers Salesforce managed services.

To explore all Salesforce has to offer in your industry, contact Tectonic today.

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