Explore the latest updates in the Salesforce Release Notes! Discover new features designed to enhance your usage of the release notes. Effectively treating this page as your go-to source for updates. Visit regularly with each seasonal release to stay informed about the latest enhancements. Know that Salesforce values your feedback. The Salesforce release notes are meant to be a source of information AND a place to ask questions.

Effortlessly Access Salesforce Release Information

Based on user feedback on how customers navigate and utilize this valuable content, Salesforce has strategically positioned the Release Updates section near the top of the Release Notes. By the table of contents. Easily locate it right after the Salesforce Overall section for swift access.

Unified Einstein Features for Seamless Discovery

They’ve streamlined the Einstein and Einstein Generative AI sections of the release notes into a consolidated Einstein section. This simplifies the process of finding the most intelligent features and platform improvements. In true Salesforce fashion all powered by predictive AI, generative AI, or a combination of both. Expect Einstein features and platform changes to be rolled out as frequently as monthly. Prudently check back often.

Stay Updated with Salesforce Customer Success on X

As part of Salesforce’s evolution, they are retiring the @salesforcedocs X handle and joining forces with Salesforce Customer Success at @asksalesforce. Follow them there for curated documentation updates and highlights to stay in the loop.

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