The landscape of Salesforce has undergone significant growth beyond its humble CRM origins, yet assumptions about the data within Salesforce orgs often remain unchanged.  This is crazy when you think about the original Customer Relationship Management system and how many apps it had to connect to in order to actually manage your customer relationships.   Protecting your Salesforce data is everyone’s responsibility.

It is good to rethink how Salesforce data is used, especially considering its increasing indispensability in tandem with the platform’s expansion into diverse business processes and industries. The discontinuation of Salesforce’s data recovery service further creates the need for an updated perspective.

Protecting Your Salesforce Data

  • Salesforce Data Protection:
    • Truth: Salesforce’s shared responsibility model necessitates deliberate backup actions to secure user-generated data, emphasizing the user’s responsibility for data management and protection.
  • Significance of Salesforce Data:
    • Truth: Salesforce data plays a pivotal role across entire organizations. After evolving beyond its CRM origins to become a business-critical system influencing various functions.
  • Complexity of Salesforce Back-Ups:
    • Truth: As Salesforce implementations grow in complexity, backing up data becomes intricate, with challenges including the absence of a universal backup command and limitations on API calls.
  • Frequency of Data Backups:
    • Truth: Weekly backups may leave substantial data vulnerability, and the risk of data loss due to various activities between backups underscores the need for more frequent backup strategies.
  • Purpose of Data Backups:
    • Fact: Accidental data losses are commonplace, often resulting from human errors rather than catastrophic events, necessitating a broader understanding of data backup purposes.
  • Complexity of Data Restoration:
    • Fact: Restoring data involves a meticulous process, influenced by intricate relationships between data, customizations, and automations.
  • Choosing a Backup Provider:
    • Myth: “All Salesforce data backup solutions are basically the same.”
    • Fact: Enterprise-level companies require backup solutions tailored to their specific needs that encompass security, performance, and expertise, with differentiation from solutions designed for smaller businesses.

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