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Tectonic at a Glance

Tectonic delivered over 500 successful implementations. Tectonic at a Glance 4.9 Customer Satisfaction Rating Salesforce partner delivering innovative business results through Sales, Service,  Marketing, & Experience Clouds. Tectonic at a Glance We help our customers transform their organizations to be more data-driven through: Contact Tectonic today. ​ Like Related Posts Top Ten Reasons Why Tectonic Loves the

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Activation Studio

Activation Studio

Unleash the Potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Simplify Audience Building, Enhance Lead Scoring, and Streamline Web Tracking with our Marketing Cloud Engagement Add-On – No Coding, No SQL Required! Activation Studio. This segmentation tool revolutionizes database combinations effortlessly, eliminating the need for coding or SQL queries. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, every member of your

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Cloud Based Business Solutions

Data Strategies in AI

The demand for reliable data has been a longstanding requirement. Driven by the continuous pursuit of real-time personalization and improved business efficiencies. The advent of Generative AI has further intensified these needs, prompting analytics and IT leaders to strengthen their data foundations. Data Strategies in AI A significant 86% of analytics and IT leaders acknowledge

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Salesforce Sales Cloud

Key Benefits of Selling With Salesforce

What is a key advantage for businesses of selling with Salesforce? Benefits of Selling With Salesforce. Salesforce serves as a centralized hub for managing customer relationships, securely storing data, interactions, and deal information in the cloud. This ensures data safety and prevents the loss of critical or time-sensitive information while improving team collaboration. One of

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Salesforce Sales Analytics

Salesforce Sales Analytics App

Sales Analytics empowers users to leverage the analytical capabilities of Analytics within Sales Cloud, accessible on any device supporting Analytics functionality. Featuring intuitive visualizations derived from Salesforce data, Sales Analytics facilitates a swift transition from insights to actionable strategies, enabling users to transform data into informed and intelligent sales decisions. The Salesforce Sales Analytics App

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Salesforce Success Story

Case Study: A Marquis Resort Hotel in Hawaii-Hospitality-Salesforce Service/Marketing Clouds and Interaction Studio

Transforming the Guest Experience for Modern Luxury Resort hotel builds loyalty and drives sales increase across all sites using data and segmentation: Hospitality Salesforce Service Marketing Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio Service Cloud Hospitality Salesforce Service Marketing This oceanfront resort has over 400 rooms and cottages/villas, spa, golf and a variety of restaurants. PROBLEM: SOLUTION: RESULTS: Like1

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Salesforce Government Cloud

Government Cloud Authorized and Interoperable Products

Government Cloud Authorized and Interoperable Products The following table outlines the: Note: Interoperability may be blocked or adversely impacted by network access limitations for U.S. Government customers on restricted access networks such as the Non-Classified Internet Protocol Routing Network (NIPRNet) or other restricted enclaves. Customers are responsible for following safe software deployment best practices and

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