Government Cloud Authorized and Interoperable Products

The following table outlines the:

  • Authorized: Products that are included within the FedRAMP Moderate, FedRAMP High, DoD IL2, IL4, and IL5 Authorization Boundaries.
  • Interoperable: Products have undergone functional testing within a Government Cloud instance to ensure all functionality is working as intended. The product has not been evaluated and assessed in accordance with FedRAMP/DoD security and authorization boundary requirements, but customers can make a risk-based decision and take on any risk due to the product not being FedRAMP authorized.

Note: Interoperability may be blocked or adversely impacted by network access limitations for U.S. Government customers on restricted access networks such as the Non-Classified Internet Protocol Routing Network (NIPRNet) or other restricted enclaves. Customers are responsible for following safe software deployment best practices and testing the functionality of interoperable products in a non-production environment.

Government Cloud Authorized and Interoperable Products

For a description of Salesforce’s current product offerings, please see

For more detailed information on Salesforce’s security and compliance posture for, the Salesforce Government Cloud and Salesforce Government Cloud Plus, please contact your Salesforce Account Executive.

Disclaimer: The information provided below is strictly for the convenience of our customers and is for general informational purposes only. Salesforce does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information, text, graphics, links, or other items in this document. Salesforce advises its customers that though a product may be included within the FedRAMP Moderate, FedRAMP High, DoD IL2, or DoD IL4 Authorization Boundaries, specific features of such product may or may not be included within such boundaries. Salesforce does not guarantee that you achieve any specific results if you utilize this document. It may be advisable for you to consult with a professional, such as an agency authorization official, agency counsel, accountant, architect, business advisor or professional engineer to get specific advice that applies to your particular situation. This document is subject to change at any time without notice. Because Salesforce continues to innovate by providing each customer multiple major release upgrades each year, we cannot guarantee that these answers will remain the same over time. The rights and responsibilities with regard to your use of Salesforce’s online software services shall be set forth in a negotiated agreement that does not incorporate the attached document.


 Government Cloud PlusGovernment Cloud Plus – Defense
 FedRAMP High / IL4Interoperable
(but not authorized)
FedRAMP High / IL5
Lightning Field Service (+, Contractor, Contractor +, Dispatcher & Field Technician)  
Sales Cloud 
Service Cloud 
CPQ (+, Customer Community, Partner Community)  
Employee Apps and Community (Add-on) 
High Velocity Sales  
Identity Connect  
Identity for Employee 
Lightning External Apps Plus 
Lightning External Apps Starter 
Lightning Platform Plus 
Lightning Platform Starter 
Salesforce Customer Identity 
Case Classification  
CRM Analytics for Education Cloud 
Einstein Activity Capture  
Einstein Analytics Growth 
Einstein Article Recommendations  
Einstein Discovery in Tableau  
Einstein Prediction Builder  
Einstein Predictions  
Einstein Predictions (No 3rd Party) 
Einstein Recommendation Builder  
Einstein Relationship Insights  
Einstein Reply Recommendations  
Einstein Search  
Sales Analytics App 
Service Cloud Einstein – Gov Cloud  
Service Cloud Voice  
Service Cloud Voice – BYOT  
Tableau CRM for Community  
Tableau CRM Plus  
Tableau CRM Plus (no 3rd party) 
Tableau CRM for Financial Services  
Tableau CRM for Financial Services (no 3rd party) 
Tableau CRM for Health Care  
Tableau CRM for Health Care (no 3rd party) 
Tableau CRM for Manufacturing  
Tableau CRM for Manufacturing (no 3rd party) 
Tableau CRM for Net Zero Cloud  
Tableau CRM for Public Sector  
Tableau CRM for Public Sector (no 3rd party) 
Customer Community (Public Sector and Financial Services) 
Customer Community Plus (Experience Cloud Learner Success, Financial Services, Health Cloud, Public Sector) 
Experience Cloud for Consumer Goods  
External Apps for Health Cloud 
Partner Community 
Provider Self Service for Public Sector  
Public Sector Application Forms 
Industry Solutions 
Benefit Management 
Education Cloud (including Student Success Hub and Admissions Connect) 
Energy & Utilities Cloud 
Financial Services Cloud 
Health Cloud 
Health Cloud for Life Sciences  
Health Cloud: Home Health  
Manufacturing Cloud  
Net Zero Cloud 
Net Zero Cloud – Affiliate Pack  
Non-Profit Cloud  
Public Sector Solutions 
Revenue Intelligence (only on GovCloud Plus)  
Salesforce Functions (only on GovCloud Plus)  
Appointment Assistant  
Backup and Restore  
B2B Commerce Platform  
Business Rules Engine 
Code Builder  
Data Mask  
Devops Center  
Digital Engagement (Chat)  
Digital Engagement (Broadcast Messaging)  
Digital Engagement (Messaging, Social, Bots)  
Digital Process Automation  
Document Generation (Client Side) 
Document Generation (Server Side)  
Employee Experience – IT Service Center  
Employee Experience – Public Sector  
Employee Productivity  
Employee Service – Agent  
Employee Survey Response Pack  
Files Connect  
Feedback Management – Cross Product 
Gmail Integration  
Grants Management  
HR Service Center  
Intelligent Doc Reader  
Identity Verification Credits  
Key Account Management for CGC  
Lightning Console 
Lightning Scheduler 
Loyalty Management  
Medication Management  
Mobile App Security  
Mobile Publisher  
Marketing Cloud (CDP, Connect, Data Sync, Interaction Studio and Canvas Activities)  
Microsoft Teams Integration (with Commercial Office 365)  
Sales Enablement  
In-App Walkthroughs (No 3rd party terms) 
Order Management  
Outlook Integration  
Privacy Center 
Private Connect  
Salesforce Anywhere (Quip)  
Salesforce AppExchange Apps**  
Salesforce Authenticator  
Salesforce Connect 
Salesforce Contracts  
Salesforce Inbox  
Salesforce Maps  
Salesforce Mobile  
Salesforce Shield (Platform Encryption, Field Audit Trail, and Event Monitoring) 
Salesforce Shield (Einstein Data Detect, Threat Detection (subset of Event Monitoring event streams))  
Salesforce Surveys 
Security Center 
Shift Management  
Vlocity Insurance Package 
Vlocity Communications and Media Package  
Workflow Orchestration 
Workplace Command Center 

 *The Mulesoft Government Cloud is listed under a separate FedRAMP Moderate authorization here.

**Apps listed on the Salesforce AppExchange are not included in the scope of Salesforce’s Authorization Boundaries, however many are native to the platform.

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