Sales Analytics empowers users to leverage the analytical capabilities of Analytics within Sales Cloud, accessible on any device supporting Analytics functionality. Featuring intuitive visualizations derived from Salesforce data, Sales Analytics facilitates a swift transition from insights to actionable strategies, enabling users to transform data into informed and intelligent sales decisions. The Salesforce Sales Analytics App provides improved visibility across departments.

Built by Salesforce

Built by Salesforce, Sales Analytics streamlines the analysis of Sales Cloud data. Whether you’re an executive, manager, sales representative, or involved in operations, Sales Analytics offers an elevated level of insight into your Salesforce data. Begin with the Sales Analytics Home dashboard to gain insights into recent wins, win rates, and average deal amounts. Dive deeper into other dashboards that utilize Sales Cloud Collaborative Forecasts to showcase quotas, aiding in precise forecasting.

Executives benefit from a comprehensive overview highlighting pipeline and sales and service business performance, along with insights into top deals. 

Managers can access leaderboards displaying team key performance indicators (KPIs) and delve into specific details about quotas, pipeline changes, team trends, and average sales cycle time. 

Reps can monitor their own quota attainment, bookings, and pipeline activities, while operations staff can analyze performance by geography, source, and customer to identify trends and expedite new deals.

App creation is simplified with Sales Analytics, conducting a compatibility check against your org to ensure the inclusion of all necessary data for app datasets and dashboards. If any data is missing, error messages guide you on the required additions before app creation.

Once compatibility is confirmed, you have two options:

  • Swiftly create the app using standard default settings determined during the compatibility check, including collaborative forecasting data if your org utilizes the Sales Cloud Collaborative Forecasting feature.
  • Utilize the built-in configuration wizard to personalize settings according to your preferences and your team’s preferred data view.

Post-app creation, explore Sales Cloud data seamlessly across any device supporting CRM Analytics. The intuitive CRM Analytics interface delivers actionable insights promptly. Constantly allowing for in-depth exploration and customization of Sales Analytics tailored to your business requirements.

Prebuilt dashboards in Sales Analytics feature key performance indicators (KPIs) for managing pipeline, visualizing quota data, fine-tuning forecasts, understanding business performance drivers, visualizing trends, and assigning actions. Use these dashboards to provide swift answers to business-related queries, ensuring value extraction from Salesforce data.

Sales Analytics also incorporates lenses—focused visualizations providing greater detail about sales KPIs, enhancing dashboards. Upon creating Sales Analytics, the app automatically generates datasets based on existing Salesforce data. By encompassing standard and custom fields. These datasets fuel the dashboards and lenses. Instantly delivering insights necessary for effective business management.

Users can further create custom lenses and dashboards utilizing the data within the Sales Analytics dataset. CRM Analytics, the rebranded Tableau CRM from Salesforce, represents a dynamic evolution from its previous incarnation, Einstein Analytics.

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