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Salesforce Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud vs Salesforce CDP

Salesforce Genie, hailed as the most significant innovation in Salesforce’s history, has morphed into Salesforce Data Cloud. Operating on a grand scale, Data Cloud seamlessly processes and stores real-time data streams, integrating them with Salesforce data to unlock highly personalized customer experiences. Salesforce Data Cloud vs Salesforce CDP – which one is for me? You

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Salesforce Telephony Integration

Aircall and Salesforce Integration

Aircall offers inbound screen-pop and automation call logging.  Run outbound list dialer campaigns from any Salesforce list of records or reports. Aircall and Salesforce Integration. Use the Aircall Salesforce integration to place and receive phone calls directly in Sales Cloud or Service Cloud. With the Aircall Salesforce integration all calls are automatically logged directly into

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Salesforce Einstein and Your Data

Einstein Lead Scoring is a robust tool, equipping sales teams to accelerate deal closures. Integrated into Salesforce’s Sales Cloud Einstein platform, this tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze historical sales data, identifying leads with the highest likelihood of conversion. Salesforce Einstein and Your Data. Utilize AI to score leads based on

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Salesforce Big Data and Travel and Hospitality

Utilizing Generative AI

Taking advantage of generative AI requires complete, unified, and accurate data, according to over half of IT leaders. Yet roadblocks remain. A recent survey found most IT leaders don’t have a unified data strategy and can’t integrate generative AI into their current tech stack. Technical requirements aside, generative AI also surfaces serious ethical considerations. Utilizing

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