Aircall offers inbound screen-pop and automation call logging.  Run outbound list dialer campaigns from any Salesforce list of records or reports. Aircall and Salesforce Integration.

Use the Aircall Salesforce integration to place and receive phone calls directly in Sales Cloud or Service Cloud.

With the Aircall Salesforce integration all calls are automatically logged directly into Salesforce and each caller’s history is saved. You can now very easily connect Salesforce with Aircall to ramp-up your CRM. Log calls will be created for any type of calls and will be assigned to the person who picks up the call.

Does Salesforce have VOIP?

Telephony in Salesforce is done through a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) service. Many offerings on the market provide this, including RingCentral, Natterbox, and Salesforce’s own Service Cloud Voice.

What makes Aircall different?

Aircall uses cloud-based technology so no more physical desk phones. Set up whole teams, in moments, no matter where they’re based. Benefit from performance insights and integrate Aircall with all your existing systems for better productivity.

Salesforce CTI, or Computer Telephony Integration, is a feature that allows you to integrate your telephone system with your Salesforce account. This integration enables you to make and receive calls, view call history, and log call information directly from within Salesforce.

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