According to the Salesforce 2017 State of Service report, 85% of executives with service oversight identify customer service as a key competitive differentiator. Conversely, where service is lacking, customers tend to be scarce. 52% of consumers have reportedly switched brands in the past year due to poor service, and even more alarming is that loss of revenue as a result of poor customer service costs U.S. businesses $1.6 trillion annually.  That’s trillion with a T.

Here are the top 50 reasons why Salesforce Service Cloud is the right choice for your business — and your clients.

  1. Get Up and Running in No Time.  Enjoy peace of mind: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from using the most celebrated CRM platform available. Salesforce Sales Cloud has been helping businesses grow their client base for nearly two decades, and has been consistently recognised as the leader in cloud-based sales applications.
  2. Save money: Avoid costly and time-consuming on-site hardware installation. Salesforce Sales Cloud is completely cloud based — as long as you have an internet connection and a standard web browser, you’ll have access to everything you need.
  3. Get started immediately: Set up Sales Cloud in minutes, with powerful CRM solutions right out-of-the-box. Salesforce Sales Cloud is designed to work from the moment you turn it on, giving you the opportunity to connect with your customers without having to wade through lengthy setup or configuration processes. Built in guides help you hit the ground running.  While easy to set up, Salesforce partners like Tectonic can get you set up fast and correctly.
  4. Customise your CRM:  Extend your CRM. If you’d like something more than an off-the-shelf solution, Sales Cloud is fully customisable and configurable, and can be supplemented through third-party apps and easy to use, pre-built components.

    Improve How You Sell.
  5. Enlighten your employees: Educate your sales teams with Salesforce Sales Cloud informational resources. Sales Force Sales Center offers insights designed to optimize sales potential in any employee, through longform content focused on Salesforce and industry expertise, all organized in easy-to-navigate sections.
  6. Accommodate every client: Tailor your sales approach to fit your clients, from B2C to B2B, from small businesses to enterprise-level giants.
  7. Enhance your strategies: Optimize lead acquisition with strategies designed to bring in more of the clients that are ready to commit. Learn how to identify and approach your target audience, thanks to access to detailed client preference data, so you can provide the best personalized support through their customer journey.
  8. Improve as you go: Find the flaws in your strategies quickly, thanks to up-to-the-minute analytics and in-depth reporting options. Revise your strategies in real time, so you never have to wait for end-of-quarter reports to know what isn’t working.
  9. Sell more quickly: Shorten the sales cycle with automated adaptive campaigns designed to always provide the best next step for every client.
  10. Bring the right people together: Connect the right representatives to the right customers and effectively manage your sales territories. Explore territory-model alternatives, define assignment rules for use across multiple territories, and identify users by territory role.
  11. Manage quotes: Built-in quoting capabilities make it possible for reps to automatically populate quotes with vital customer information, create PDFs from approved templates, and email them to customers directly in just a few clicks.   
  12. See beyond the surface: Uncover opportunities to grow your business, with Wave App for Sales.

    Salesforce knows that there’s more to sales success than just having the right tools. That’s why Salesforce offers an ever growing digital repository of data, articles, reports, tips, and other resources — all organized and easily searchable. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, you won’t just have the most effective sales software. You’ll also have the resources you need to become the most effective sales professional you can be.

    Collaborate Like Never Before.
  13. Come together: Bring all of your teams together in a single social feed. Manage your projects, track progress, and collaborate together at a central, easy to access location.
  14. Easily gauge reactions: Gather and give feedback on programs, products, services, and campaigns through easy-to-create polls and direct messaging.
  15. Connect across the globe: Find experts who can offer valuable insight, and connect with partners from around the world.
  16. Automate CPQ: Use Salesforce Lightning to automate your CPQ process, and incorporate customer support data for increased upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  17. Share information: Give every authorized employee access to the same relevant files across a unified platform. Access libraries, share files, and establish alerts for when information is updated.
  18. Access your data from anywhere: Access Sales Cloud from anywhere in the world, and on any internet-enabled device. Salesforce CRM is designed ‘mobile first,’ which means that you’ll never have to worry about compatibility issues or a watered down mobile experience.

    Communication is at the core of every business, and when it comes to communication between employees, teams, and departments, it’s also the core of effective collaboration. Essentially, if your teams can’t communicate effectively, they won’t be able to sell effectively either. Sales Cloud offers built-in collaboration solutions, so your team can act more quickly, find the right information easily, connect on projects, share competitive data, and more.

    Put Your Business under the Microscope.
  19. Hit the ground running: Use real time performance charts and account insights to start your day — and every day — off on the right foot.
  20. See all your data in one location: See your entire day at a glance, with scheduling and productivity tools, so that you can make the most of every minute. Manage your tasks from a central location, updating your to-do list as you go.
  21. Keep up with all of your important tasks: Track your business processes and team assignments, so that no important tasks ever fall through the cracks.
  22. Put data to good use: Integrate with Salesforce Analytics Cloud, for AI-driven insights and intelligent reporting, so that you can improve your business effectiveness while you guide your leads.

    Your customers drive your business success, but your teams are the fuel. Ensure that the engine of your business is running smoothly, by tracking and evaluating your sales processes, all in real time. Use visual representations of that data to see at a glance how your teams are doing, where their strengths lie, and where they could stand to improve.

    Extend Your CRM.
  23. Use apps to take things further: Take your sales to the next level with app integration. Eliminate the limits of CRM effectiveness, by incorporating apps from Salesforce AppExchange.
  24. Build the apps you need: Integrate with Salesforce Platform to build your own apps with user-friendly app-building tools.
  25. Log calls without the hassle: Log all sales calls automatically.
  26. Code at your level: Use as little or as much coding as you want. Salesforce app-building tools offer no-code, and low-code options, so that anyone can design the perfect applications for their business. Coding assistance is always available from Salesforce Partners like Tectonic.
  27. Cross borders: Take advantage of Heroku Enterprise to deploy, run, and scale sales apps anywhere around the world, in any developer language.

    Maximize your CRM software with Salesforce by integrating directly with Platform, users can build their own advanced applications using a variety of user-friendly tools. Code, low-code, and no-code options means that developers at all skill levels can create the perfect apps to suit their needs, and for those who’d rather use pre-built options, Salesforce AppExchange offers hundreds of downloadable, ready-made possibilities.

    Go Mobile.
  28. Manage your business on the go: Manage all of your sales tasks directly from your phone with the Salesforce1 app, giving you full Salesforce functionality in the palm of your hand.
  29. Keep up to date: Access your dashboards in real time through your mobile device, so that you can respond to events as they happen, rather than waiting until the next time you’re in the office.
  30. Access everything: Find the information you need, when you need it, from anywhere in the world, with complete mobile access to your entire Salesforce platform.
  31. Never be out of the loop: Get important notifications on the go, so you’re always one step ahead of whatever life throws at you.

    Salesforce understands that modern business doesn’t always happen in the office. With Sales Cloud, you’ll have full access to all of the data, tools, and other resources you need to connect with your leads, all from your mobile smart device. No matter where you are, or what device you use, you’ll always be ready to grow your business.

    Focus on Your Customers.
  32. Go where the clients are: Meet your customers wherever they are, and access all relevant client data from any device.
  33. Predict the future: Accurately forecast trends and customer actions with the Salesforce Einstein AI. Einstein can automatically capture and analyze important data, providing intelligent, informed insights, and suggesting next steps for each potential client.
  34. Empower your sales teams: Give each member of your sales team the power to sell the way they want to — in person, through email, over the telephone, etc., for faster sales resolutions and more personalized customer journeys.
  35. Optimize for individuals: Track your customers through every stage of the sales pipeline, optimizing your campaigns in real time for each individual lead.
  36. Build online communities: Integrate with Salesforce Community Cloud to build communities of clients, where leads can use customer portals to come together socially and help guide each other through the sales pipeline.
  37. Connect easily: Reach out to clients from within the Sales Cloud platform, with just a click of a button.
  38. Integrate with email: Work with the email providers you trust, sync emails instantaneously to Salesforce, and easily send emails directly from your feed.
  39. Put information to work for you: Gather the relevant sales data at the right time, with
  40. Get involved in the important conversations: Leads talk, and thanks to social media, their voices can be heard far and wide. Be a part of the discussion with Sales Cloud social integration.
  41. Personalize your strategy: Work with marketing to create personalized campaigns, designed to target the individual, rather than some abstract customer demographic.
  42. Access the right customer information exactly when you need it: Connect with your customers with a single click, and access detailed contact information at a moments notice, so you always know who your leads are and what they care about.
  43. Give timely answers: Respond immediately to customer questions, concerns, or other contacts.
  44. Create content that connects: Engage leads and clients with personalized content, automatically.
  45. See the entire picture: Develop a 360-degree view of your customers, by connecting data from every department, including sales, service, marketing, and more.
  46. Optimize client onboarding: Add new leads with only a few clicks, and keep all of your contextual information accurate and organized.
  47. Understand interactions: See how your clients are engaging, better understand how they interact, and keep track of active leads with Salesforce Engage.
  48. Know when events are happening: Keep up on the important events along the customer journey with intelligent alerts.
  49. Put the clients in charge: Give your clients a voice, by sending them surveys and empowering them to be in charge of their own customer journeys.
  50. Do it all from one spot: Employ marketing automation to launch and monitor sales campaigns without ever having to leave Sales Cloud.

    Customers are the center of your business, so it only makes sense that they should be at the center of your focus. Salesforce Sales Cloud gives you the power to keep your clients at the heart of every action you take, and to do so in a way that is personalized to them as individuals. The end result is a powerful, customer-centric sales solution that ensures business success through customer satisfaction.

Sales Cloud powers your business to empower your customers.  Access to real time data, advances in analysis and automation tools, and sales tools – all integrated with the full Salesforce ecosystem put the tools and resources you need at your fingertips.

Talk to Tectonic today and discover the 50 reasons you cannot afford to overlook Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Tectonic is please to announce our Sales Cloud Implementation Solutions.

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