Anypoint Code Builder for Desktop represents MuleSoft’s cutting-edge integrated development environment (IDE) designed for developers to seamlessly create, develop, and deploy APIs, integrations, and automations within a unified environment. This innovative tool empowers developers by offering:

  • Intelligent development capabilities leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence.
  • API design across various specifications.
  • Testing and validation of API functionality with a built-in mocking service.
  • Automatic implementation of API logic from existing specifications.
  • Building integrations to connect any application, system, or data.

Anypoint Code Builder for Desktop

MuleSoft is excited to announce the official release of Anypoint Code Builder for Desktop, a groundbreaking addition to the MuleSoft family. This next-generation IDE revolutionizes the approach to API and integration development, promising increased speed, enhanced intuitiveness, and higher efficiency.

Seamless Connections

At MuleSoft, the mission is to enable organizations to seamlessly connect their systems, applications, and data, and Anypoint Code Builder is a significant stride toward achieving this goal. Recognizing the need for change in core integration tooling due to rapid technological advancements, they decided to build a new IDE from the ground up, catering to modern and future-looking use cases.

Anypoint Code Builder for Desktop

Anypoint Code Builder is positioned as the future of API and integration development at Mulesoft, offering a next-generation developer experience. It empowers developers to design, develop, and deploy APIs and integrations seamlessly from a unified environment. The tool provides robust features, including flexible workspaces and the integration of AI to generate code and integration flows using natural language.

Built-in Connectors

The platform includes built-in connectors and access to a variety of connectors from Anypoint Exchange. Developers have two options to get started: a local version on VS Code for the desktop or a cloud version accessible directly from Anypoint Platform. The desktop version, now generally available, can be installed in three easy steps, allowing developers to work from their local machines. The cloud version is currently available in open beta, with plans for a full release in the first half of 2024.

It’s essential to understand the difference between Anypoint Code Builder and Anypoint Studio. Anypoint Code Builder is based on Visual Code Builder, running as a service in the browser, while Anypoint Studio is based on Eclipse. Anypoint Code Builder goes beyond API implementation, also supporting API design and development.

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