Public Sector Solutions revolutionize public service delivery through flexible and secure e-government tools supporting both service providers and constituents. Designing sites for effective communication, creating dynamic application forms, and streamlining approval processes for licenses and permits are among the capabilities offered. Public sector Salesforce solutions.

A government CRM system minimizes manual admin tasks, allowing public servants to focus on enhancing citizens’ lives. Utilize flexible dynamic assessments, care plans, and referrals to assist families and individuals seamlessly. Salesforce recommends exploring a trial org to understand setup recommendations and prepare for implementation.

Discover how the Salesforce platform, with a dedicated data model and common components, enables tailored solutions for municipalities, states, provinces, or federal agencies. Public Sector Solutions eschews a one-size-fits-all approach, allowing the combination of various components to address specific agency needs.

The cloud-based Salesforce platform, encompassing Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud, serves as the foundation for Public Sector Solutions. Providing relationship management, case management, collaboration, integration, and data insight capabilities, it offers a 360-degree view of constituents while adhering to stringent data security regulations.

The Public Sector Solutions data model is designed for government agencies, accommodating diverse tasks such as issuing licenses, conducting inspections, managing grants, and handling emergency programs. Dynamic features include License and Permit Management, Inspection Management, Grantmaking, Emergency Program Management, and Employee Experience.

Configurations for Public Sector Solutions include prebuilt apps, granting licenses for specific Salesforce editions with varying usage limits. Additional add-ons, such as CRM Analytics, Intelligent Document Reader, Einstein Relationship Insights, and Business Rules Engine, allow customization to meet specific functionality requirements.

Salesforce public sector solutions use standard Salesforce objects to structure and store data related to licensing, permitting, inspections, assessments, case and program management, benefit management, grantmaking, and more.

Salesforce is used across various sectors, including technology, retail, insurance, banking, and industrial industries. It is utilized by businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations, for CRM purposes.

Content updated December 2023.

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