Unified+ Edition (UE+): Elevating Salesforce Integration and Capabilities: Better Sales and Services with Salesforce Unlimited Edition

The menace of siloed applications and disjointed tech stacks can haunt any company’s operational efficiency. In a market flooded with diverse products and services, the seamless integration of technology and a transparent purchasing process can significantly impact the overall user experience.

Better Sales and Services with Salesforce Unlimited Edition

Over the past few years, Salesforce clouds and various applications have witnessed substantial growth and transformation. In this busy time of evolution, the introduction of the Salesforce Unlimited+ edition (UE+) stands out. This insight explores the advantages and enhancements that the UE+ bundle brings to organizations, making it a comprehensive solution. Tectonic invites you to learn more.

Better Sales and Services with Salesforce Unlimited Edition

Going Beyond Unlimited:

Following the launch of Sales Cloud Unlimited last year, Salesforce has not only focused on bundling popular products into a single SKU but has also aimed to provide an end-to-end solution addressing diverse customer needs. Unveiled at Dreamforce ‘23, UE+ is a significant stride toward achieving a fully integrated product suite. This comprehensive offering encompasses features for planning, communication, system integration, and end-user training, all consolidated into one unified package. By leveraging the power of AI, data, and CRM, UE+ simplifies the journey towards an elevated customer experience.

While expectations were high for Data Cloud and Sales GPT to continue being part of Sales Cloud UE+, the delightful surprise of including Sales Planning, Revenue Intelligence, and Slack has elevated its appeal.

UE+ for Sales and Service:

Sales and Service Clouds, as Salesforce’s flagship products, have continually evolved into comprehensive solutions for organizations of varying complexities. Sales Cloud UE+ integrates everything from other Sales Cloud editions but with additional benefits, including extra Data Cloud and Einstein credits, Sales Planning, Salesforce Maps, Enablement, Revenue Intelligence, and Slack, contributing to an ideal customer experience. Similarly, Service Cloud UE+ enriches the offerings of other Service Cloud editions by adding Data Cloud, extra Einstein credits, Service Cloud Voice, Digital Engagement, Feedback Management, Self-Service, Slack, and CRM Analytics. This combination enhances issue resolution for agents and empowers customers with generative AI search capabilities.

Better Sales and Services with Salesforce Unlimited Edition

UE+ for Your Industry:

Available now, UE+ for Industries combines everything from Sales and Service UE+ with industry-specific capabilities and data models. This holistic approach ensures a rapid return on investment, reducing implementation costs and duration.

Final Thoughts:

For organizations aiming to scale Salesforce processes and enhance functionality comprehensively, UE+ presents an enticing solution. Whether an existing Salesforce customer or a newcomer, UE+ serves as the awaited bundle to mitigate the risks associated with disconnected systems, paving the way for a seamless generative AI journey.

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