As the pace of digital transformation accelerates, businesses seek solutions to enhance productivity, foster connection and collaboration, and automate workflows in an increasingly digital-centric environment. Slack and Salesforce Industry Specific Solutions are leading the charge. Every company, regardless of size, can benefit from a digital platform that dismantles silos, fostering connectivity among people, tools, and customers—an approach we refer to as a digital HQ. However, embarking on digital transformation is a complex undertaking, demanding expertise and a profound understanding of trends shaping the business landscape and workforce.

Salesforce Slack

To address these challenges, we have collaborated with Slack and Salesforce consulting partners to introduce the initial phase of Slack Partner Industry Solutions. Slack and Salesforce Industry Solutions is the result!

Earlier this year, we expanded Slack’s global consulting partner ecosystem. As the adoption of Slack continues to grow, our partners have invested in crafting solutions tailored to meet specific industry requirements, seamlessly integrating Slack into diverse work methodologies. Today, a broader array of solutions and services is available, empowering Slack and Salesforce customers to optimize their digital tools further.

For those seeking a personalized solution aligned with their industry’s unique characteristics, Slack-certified consulting partners have developed tailored solutions for industries such as financial services, manufacturing, communications, retail, media, technology, and more. This development is particularly advantageous for Slack customers aiming to establish a digital HQ that aligns with the specific needs of their businesses.

Slack and Salesforce

Customers will benefit from cutting-edge technologies offered by Slack and Salesforce’s Customer 360, complemented by invaluable services from our partners, encompassing advisory, strategy, organizational transformation, and change management. This collaborative effort aims to dismantle data silos, enabling organizations to collaborate productively in a work-from-anywhere paradigm.

Our partners also provide strategic guidance, helping create digital HQs that address industry-specific challenges, such as intelligent case swarming for lapsing insurance policies, predicting customer churn in wealth management, streamlining manufacturing supplier onboarding and management, transforming contact centers for retail and consumer goods companies, or enhancing advertisement sales for communications and media businesses.

“The world’s largest and most influential consultancies have recognized that every customer needs a digital HQ. Slack and Salesforce are a key enabler to make that happen. Having these partners engaged and primed to deliver these industry solutions is a big step in our ability to bring the digital HQ to market.”

Richard Hasslacher, VP of Slack Alliances & Channels
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