Enhance the visual identity of your Marketing Cloud account by incorporating your company logo and adjusting the default color scheme. In Enterprise 2.0, the flexibility extends to creating multiple brands that can be assigned to distinct business units.

When crafting your email template, leverage the chosen color scheme to ensure consistent brand representation. Additionally, Experience Builder provides branding options, allowing the creation of Branding Sets. These sets serve as comprehensive collections, encompassing images, fonts, and colors, profoundly transforming the appearance of your site.

The Experience Builder’s Theme panel serves as the focal point for managing Branding Sets. Utilizing these sets, you can swiftly modify the site’s look for diverse audiences, seamlessly transitioning between brands or presentations for various campaigns or events. It’s noteworthy that if you are using a pre-built theme, the branding set won’t impact the header and hero areas of your site.


Each site can be associated with multiple branding sets, offering the flexibility to maintain and manage various collections of colors and elements. These sets can be applied manually or programmatically through Audiences. Should you not find options to control specific aspects of your site in the Theme panel or component properties, you have the ability to create custom CSS overrides.

Content updated September 2023.

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