nonprofit salesforce marketing cloud success pack

Transforming a Religious Organization by leveraging Salesforce

Undergoing a profound revitalization and restructuring process that combines six existing Provinces into a single, unified Province that will better serve the organization and its constituents’ needs.

Industry: Nonprofit-Religious Organization

Nonprofit Success Pack
Marketing Cloud
nonprofit salesforce marketing cloud success pack

The mission of this Religious entity in the US is to act as an evangelistic witness of the good news of the Kingdom of God by following the example of Jesus.  The entity’s representatives live in the midst of the poor and marginalized and respond to diverse needs found in the communities where we have been called to live.


Combining six existing Provinces into a single, unified Province and the six Provinces varied greatly:

  • A variety of CRM solutions including Blackbaud (Raiser’s Edge), Engaging Networks, Salesforce and excel based datasets.
  • The Vocation, Formation, Development/Fundraising, and Communications team varied in complexity and processes.

Communication to donors and prospective donors was primarily via postal mail and multiple, uncoordinated channels.

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack  and Marketing Cloud were the selected solutions for Fundraising/Development, Vocation/Formation and Communications.

Another Nonprofit Salesforce Integrator started the Discovery process. Their involvement was terminated mid Discovery by the religious entity.

The selected tech stack from their previous engagement was overly robust and needed to be scaled back after identifying the MVP.

Donor datasets were inconsistent across systems and processes were not standardized across all user groups.

The structure of their organization required a complex design that accounted for multiple hierarchical relationships with multiple and sometimes shared campaigns within each.

Due to the large number of donors and affinity groups, the Fundraising/Development department required complex logic to “score” constituents into core and non-core segments, by company, based on recency, frequency, and monetary amount so that constituents would not be solicited by more than one direct mail campaign at any given time.

Their largest fundraising event of the year required complex ticket purchasing options including sponsorships, donations, ticket sales, and seating.

The unification of the Provinces meant a whole new financial structure and reporting requirements.


Tectonic performed a rapid discovery assessment of the Discovery artifacts prepared by another integrator.  The assessment included the review, validation, and refinement of the Discovery artifacts and deliverables.

Tectonic implemented Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack  and Marketing Cloud that included the following functionality:

  • Marketing Cloud implementation for Communications
  • Shared Vocation / recruitment process across the organization with permissions and regional assignment rules
  • Nonprofit Success Pack  Implementation for Development & Fundraising
  • Cleansing and migration of constituent and donation data
  • Custom donor segmentation solution using declarative design across multiple companies and campaigns
  • Custom source code builder solution using out-of-the-box functionality to ensure consistency across all data elements that allow insightful tracking of constituents through the organization.
  • Donation processing flow that allowed batch review and processing of donations. Leveraged Nonprofit Success Pack architecture to structure the new financial system and provide detailed financial information


Enhanced standard processes to allow users to more efficiently perform their responsibilities to be used by the new unified Province

360 Degree view of constituent, subscriber and donor profiles.

  • Able to see exactly what company, channels, and campaigns each constituent engaged throughout the organization.
  • Able to automatically segment donors into specific campaigns by company, based on a specified scoring criteria
  • Cloud-based event registration, seating assignment, ticket, sponsor and donor tracking
  • Tracking for all Friars, their ministries and locations
  • Visibility into potential friars and their stage in the formation process

Normalized dataset for all records for the first time.

Simplified financial reporting across all companies within the organization.

By creating a more robust and native Salesforce solution, this eliminated the need for various 3rd party tools, resulting in a significant cost savings.

Salesforce nonprofit Success Pack

nonprofit salesforce marketing cloud success pack

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