Citizen Engagement for Tribes

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salesforce tribal government mulesoft

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  • Disconnected agency systems and a decentralized application intake process for Tribal Services
  • Manual data entry creates an inefficient review process and clerical delays
  • Outdated Citizen Database resulting in a high volume of bad address, mailing returns and a lost opportunity for Citizen engagement
  • Lack of visibility between departments and limited opportunities for identifying critical citizen needs
  • Urgent need to perform Contact Tracing in the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic


Implementation of Salesforce Public Sector Solutions (PSS), Health Cloud, Experience Cloud, Marketing Cloud & MuleSoft:

  • Citizen Portal to allow Tribal Citizens to securely register and apply for various programs / services / assistance
  • Enable Tribal Employees to process and approve applications leveraging integrated eligibility and automated workflows
  • Established a bi-directional interface with the Tribal Registry / Enrollment database
  • Integration with for Address Verification and Salesforce Maps for Jurisdiction Eligibility
  • Migrated Email Subscribers and all Email Campaigns to Marketing Cloud
  • Integration with Cerner EHR for COVID-19 Positive SMS Notification and Contact Tracing Workflow Automation


  • Over 300,000 Registered Citizens and $600M in Direct Assistance processed during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Over 16 Programs transformed from paper-based applications to secure digital apps with built-in rules and automation
  • 8 Departments processing applications digitally and using Email and SMS engagement to provide Citizens with real-time updates
  • Automated Engagement Journeys for Tribal Applicants and Real-time personalization and dynamic content for all subscribers
  • Test Result Notifications for COVID-19 Positive Patients with fast turnaround on Contact Tracing activities
salesforce tribal government mulesoft
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