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Leading grants management for technical assistance and water projects.  The office was established in 1981 as the water planning, policy, coordination and marketing agency for the state. The primary statutory function of the agency is the development and implementation of the State Water Plan.  Case Study: grants management public sector solutions and experience cloud

The two grant funds serve to help identified state entities to obtain the up-front technical assistance and the on-the-ground actions needed to address various water quantity and quality needs.  The two funds are generally directed to supporting water-related infrastructure activities.

Implemented  – Case Study: grants management public sector solutions and experience cloud

The Problem:

  • Current forms provide no built-in rules or validations to ensure compliance with program guidelines.
  • Grantseekers aren’t able to view submissions, track statuses or receive any form of confirmations during the application process.
  • Inability to track program performance in real-time and share with leadership.
  • Inability to easily track financial information including funding awards and disbursements against the overall budgets.

The Solution: 

Implementation of Salesforce’s Public Sector Solution for Grantseekers: 

  • Grantseeker Portal for applicants to apply for funding opportunities
  • Enable Grant Managers to review and approve grant applications
  • Project/Milestone Tracker for Awardees
  • Funding and Project Dashboards to manage disbursements and completion of water projects

The Results:

  • 360 view of grantee applications, communications, and awards
  • Streamlined intake process for applicants and a centralized account profile 
  • Reduction in processing times due to automated workflows and a reduction in data entry issues
  • Increased visibility of financial performance 
  • On-time grantee reporting and project tracking

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