Salesforce CRM announced today its expansion into the life sciences sector with the launch of a new cloud platform designed to enhance engagement between medical technology providers, pharmaceutical companies, patients, and healthcare professionals. The Salesforce Life Sciences Cloud platform, now available, integrates advanced artificial intelligence capabilities from the Einstein 1 Platform. These AI capabilities aim to streamline clinical operations and processes by harnessing insights from all aspects of organizational data. Life Sciences Cloud Organizing Clinical Trials and Outreach.

One of the primary benefits of the Life Sciences Cloud platform is its ability to optimize clinical trials, particularly in streamlining the recruitment and enrollment of participants. By leveraging AI, the platform can identify and match qualified candidates for clinical trials based on specific prescreening and eligibility criteria, significantly reducing the time traditionally spent on these processes.

The platform facilitates the creation of personalized online portals for each clinical trial, making it easier for eligible patients to discover and enroll in trials relevant to them. It also simplifies the enrollment process through customizable e-consent forms.

Using Einstein Copilot, an AI assistant, organizations can automate the identification of potential trial participants based on criteria such as proximity to trial sites, drawing data from sources like spreadsheets and electronic health records. This capability enhances efficiency by proactively reaching out to suitable candidates.

Life Sciences Cloud Organizing Clinical Trials and Outreach

Salesforce emphasizes the platform’s potential to alleviate common challenges in clinical trials, where recruitment delays and participant retention issues often hinder progress. By addressing these inefficiencies, Life Sciences Cloud aims to improve the operational timelines and success rates of clinical trials.

Beyond clinical trials, the platform features a pilot patient benefits verification tool that helps organizations swiftly assess pharmaceutical costs and eligibility for financial assistance. Integrated with Einstein Copilot, this tool supports bulk re-verifications, ensuring continuous access to treatments for patients requiring periodic authorizations.

Additionally, the platform includes a pilot patient program outcome management module, which automates the evaluation of educational and support programs’ impact on patients. This module aids in enhancing patient engagement and adherence to treatment plans by sending automated reminders and analyzing the effectiveness of engagement strategies.

Salesforce’s Life Sciences Cloud also offers robust data analytics capabilities, leveraging Salesforce Data Cloud and MuleSoft for Life Sciences to unify structured and unstructured data sources. This unified data model provides comprehensive profiles for each patient and healthcare provider, enabling personalized interactions and informed decision-making.

Frank Defesche, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Life Sciences at Salesforce, highlighted the platform’s role in enabling life sciences organizations to navigate challenges such as rising drug costs and regulatory complexities. He emphasized AI’s transformative potential in optimizing operational processes and prioritizing patient-centric approaches across the industry.

Overall, Salesforce’s Life Sciences Cloud represents a significant advancement in leveraging AI-driven technologies to enhance efficiency, engagement, and outcomes within the life sciences sector.

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