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Customer Experience

Improving Customer Experiences (CX)

In 2024, maintaining competitiveness requires businesses to prioritize personalization and agility within their customer experience (CX) strategy. Here are strategies for improving customer experiences with programs from Tectonic: By focusing on these key areas, organizations can navigate the continually evolving CX landscape and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Tectonic is ready to collaborate, customizing your Salesforce

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Trust Through Effective Data Access

Generate Trust Through Effective Data Access

Trust Through Effective Data Access Objective: Empower your teams with data access to encourage proactive decision-making. Simplify your business’s data landscape by tailoring team members’ access, ensuring they can readily find the pertinent information. Implementation: Incorporate role-based licensing with built-in governance to create trust through effective data access. Distribute data broadly across your organization, ensuring

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Salesforce Flow

Einstein Flow and Generative AI

By Shannan Hearne, Tectonic Marketing Consultant Based on Nov 2023 Salesforce post from Cesar Castro As part of the ongoing evolution of Salesforce’s Einstein AI, Salesforce provided an update on how Einstein is impacting one of your favorite tools in your Salesforce admin toolkit: Salesforce Flow. Flow, with its numerous powerful capabilities, has been instrumental

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Salesforce Backup

Understanding Salesforce Backup Logs

Follow these instructions to view logs in Salesforce Backup. These Salesforce Backup Logs contain information about the status of various Salesforce Backup policies and activity. REQUIRED EDITIONS for Salesforce Backup Logs Available in: Lightning Experience Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions Requires the Backup and Restore add-on subscription. Information in Salesforce Backup Logs Salesforce Backup Logs display the

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Salesforce Success Story

Case Study: Leading Provider of Branded, Designed Solutions Worldwide-Manufacturing-Salesforce Sales/Service/Experience Clouds

Leading provider of branded, designed solutions (laminate) for commercial and residential customers worldwide.  The company has been surfacing spaces for 110 years. Client struggled with no real ability to see a 360 degree view of the business.

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Salesforce enhanced domains

Enhanced Domains in Salesforce

Enhanced domains are the current version of My Domain that meets the latest browser requirements. With enhanced domains, all URLs across your org contain your specific My Domain name. Including URLs for your Experience Cloud sites, Salesforce Sites, Visualforce pages, and content files. This feature changes domain suffixes (the part after the My Domain name)

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