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Salesforce and Calendly

Calendly and Salesforce Integration

The Salesforce integration helps you close deals faster than the competition by scheduling high-value leads on the spot. Calendly Routing works with your marketing forms and Salesforce records to qualify, route, and schedule meetings. Integration with Calendly provides extra power to your CRM. Salesforce and Calendly can be integrated using Zapier, Boomi, or other integration

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Salesforce Partner Platform Experience Cloud

Manage Customer Relationships with Experience Cloud

Offer your customers a secure and exclusive platform for managing their account details through the Experience Cloud’s Customer Account Portal solution. Enhance customer relationships with Experience Cloud. Better interactions and reduced service-related expenses by implementing Salesforce Experience Cloud granting customers the ability to view and settle invoices. They canupdate account information and access your knowledge

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public sector and tribal governent

Regaining Trust in the Public Sector with Salesforce

The continual onslaught of global crises has heightened the vital role played by public sector institutions. These entities bear the responsibility of delivering essential services that fortify economies, safeguard community health, and ensure national security. However, despite their crucial functions, public sector institutions are facing challenges in earning and retaining public trust. Read on to

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Salesforce and Checkmarx

What is Checkmarx in Salesforce?

Checkmarx SCA is a tool designed to provide a comprehensive scan of all open source components used within the Salesforce deployment. As a public sector and education solution, Checkmarx is highly rated. Checkmarx CxSAST is a highly accurate and flexible Static Code Analysis Tool that allows organizations to automatically scan un-compiled / un-built code and

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Salesforce Action Plans

Salesforce Action Plans Explained

An action plan defines the tasks and other items needed to complete a business process. Each task has a priority, a number of days in which it must be completed, and a person who is responsible for its completion. Action plans are created from action plan templates, which allow you to capture repeatable tasks. Users

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Salesforce Sales Acronyms

Here is a helpful glossary of sales terminology you may hear when discussing Salesforce sales. Salesforce Sales Acronyms Acronym Meaning Defintion BANT Budget, Authority, Need, Time A framework that helps sales reps judge how qualified a lead is/their propensity to purchase (how likely they are to purchase). From there, sales reps can focus their attention

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Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce for Government and Public Sector Solutions

Enhance your digital service capabilities by leveraging a flexible and scalable cloud platform designed to engage employees and enhance operational efficiency. Streamline workflows for swift time-to-value today, all while strategizing for the future. Prioritize your constituents by placing them at the core of your operations. Deliver customer-centric experiences, from service interactions to outreach efforts, ensuring

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Salesforce Order Management

Salesforce Order Management Explained

An Entire Solution for Commerce In addition to both B2B and B2C Commerce Cloud, Salesforce has introduced Order Management, an application constructed on the core Salesforce platform. This application facilitates order fulfillment through automated workflows. What is Salesforce Order Management?  It’s a platform for managing orders, customer records, fulfillment, inventory visibility, payments and invoicing, and

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Cloud First

A Salesforce Architect’s Thoughts on User Experience

The intersection of Sale3sforce User Experience (UX) Design and Architecture in the Salesforce ecosystem is making traction. As User Experience Designer and Strategy Designer certifications were launched by Salesforce, architects are increasingly venturing into UX to create comprehensive and well thought out solutions. This collaboration, emphasizing the importance of user experience, has the potential to

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