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Slack and Salesforce

AI in Slack

Introducing AI in Slack If you are unfamiliar with the Slack collaboration tool, learn more here. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Slack marks a significant milestone, one that is a real gamechanger. Slack’s ability to consolidate projects, data, and conversations into one platform has been a time saver for businesses, fostering collaboration and enhancing productivity.

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Salesforce Email Alerts

How to Log Email Alerts as Activities in Salesforce

How do you log emails alerts as activities when sent with the ‘send email’ action? Goal. With the latest release from Salesforce, now it is possible to automatically log emails to a record’s Activity Timeline when using the Send Email action. This enhancement offers users the flexibility to: Prior to the Spring ‘24 release, emails

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Turtle Bay Salesforce Journey

Proud to Be A Part of the Turtle Bay Salesforce Journey

Turtle Bay a featured Success story at Salesforce TralblazerDX and more. Proud to be part of the Turtle Bay Salesforce journey! Learn how Tectonic can help you increase bookings. Proud to be part of the Turtle Bay Salesforce journey Travel Transportation Salesforce Tectonic has helped hospitality clients create a real-time view of their guests to

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Customer Experience

Improving Customer Experiences (CX)

In 2024, maintaining competitiveness requires businesses to prioritize personalization and agility within their customer experience (CX) strategy. Here are strategies for improving customer experiences with programs from Tectonic: By focusing on these key areas, organizations can navigate the continually evolving CX landscape and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Tectonic is ready to collaborate, customizing your Salesforce

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add-ons for public sector solutions salesforce

Add-Ons for Salesforce Public Sector

Enhance your Public Sector Solutions implementation by incorporating add-ons. For instance, consider obtaining an add-on license for CRM Analytics, featuring prebuilt dashboards with predictive analytics to enhance constituent service. Alternatively, opt for an add-on license for Intelligent Document Reader, utilizing optical character recognition to extract data from paper-based forms and supplementary documents directly into Salesforce records. Further, explore add-on licenses for Einstein Relationship Insights, additional calls for the Business Rules Engine, or extra business and individual application forms.

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Salesforce Copilot

What is Einstein Copilot for Salesforce?

What Is Einstein Copilot for Salesforce? Salesforce Copilot service operates similarly to other generative AI tools in the customer experience landscape. Users can instruct the tool to automatically respond to customer queries with pertinent, personalized answers based on company data. Is Copilot Safe to Use? Concerned about the safety of using Copilot? Rest assured, you

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Trust Through Effective Data Access

Generate Trust Through Effective Data Access

Trust Through Effective Data Access Objective: Empower your teams with data access to encourage proactive decision-making. Simplify your business’s data landscape by tailoring team members’ access, ensuring they can readily find the pertinent information. Implementation: Incorporate role-based licensing with built-in governance to create trust through effective data access. Distribute data broadly across your organization, ensuring

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