Customize the Duration for Einstein’s Recommendation of Past Purchases. If you Configure Einstein Wait proactively you can effectively send recommendations to customer. And send them right as they are about to run out of your product.

What is Einstein product recommendations?

Einstein Recommendations deliver the next-best product, content, or offer to every individual through product and content recommendations for email and web. Enable every customer interaction to be an insight. With every click, download, view, and purchase, customers are giving data about their preferences. Data that you can use. Data that teaches Einstein.

Einstein Web Recommendations¬†use Einstein’s capabilities to observe behavior, build preference profiles, and deliver the next-best personalized content to each website visitor. Configure Einstein Wait allows you to deliver the next best content. Provide the right content at the right time. Use scenarios within the application to refine recommendations to match your specific business scenarios.

Configure Einstein Wait

The Einstein Configurator:

The Einstein Configurator now enables you to specify the number of days a recommender should wait before suggesting products that were previously purchased. You have the flexibility to choose between 7, 30, 60, or 90 days, with the default option set at 30 days. Previously, the Einstein Configurator had a fixed 30-day waiting period for recommending previously purchased products, which was not always suitable for all customers in terms of wait time.

How do you Configure Einstein Wait:

Adjust the wait time for product recommendations on an individual recommender basis using the Einstein Configurator. Utilize the “Don’t recommend products purchased” option in the General tab of any recommender to make your preferred selection.

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