Einstein Next Best Action

Efficiently present tailored recommendations to the right individuals at the right moment with Einstein Next Best Action. Correspondingly craft and showcase offers and actions personalized to your specific criteria. Formulate a strategy applying your business logic to refine these recommendations. Then distilling them into key suggestions like repairs, discounts, or add-on services. Display the final recommendations seamlessly within your Lightning app or Experience Builder site.

Einstein Next Best Action (ENBA) is an innate Salesforce Platform feature empowering users to configure business rules and filters, especially surfacing the optimal course of action for any user. This tool seamlessly offers a range of recommended actions accessible directly within Salesforce.

Next Best Action (NBA) is a strategic approach aiding businesses in identifying the most effective marketing actions to guide customers towards desired conversion events lest they veer off the desired path. It optimizes marketing efforts by enhancing the return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns.

Key Features:

  1. Personalized Customer Experience: ENBA tailors interactions based on preferences, behaviors, and historical data. By delivering a more personalized and relevant experience, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty. Nevertheless, Einstein Next Best Action directs their journey.
  2. Lightning Component: The Next Best Action lightning component is also known as the NBA widget. The Next Best Action widget executes NBA Strategies and showcases resulting recommendations on pages. Einstein Next Best Action complements Flow, offering a free trial.


  • Limit of Next Best Action in Salesforce: Next Best Action is a paid Salesforce product but is available for free use for up to 5000 requests each month.
  • Next Best Action and Next Best Engagement: Next Best Action is a customer engagement strategy leveraging AI and machine learning for personalized experiences based on contextual signals, choosing the optimal action from a library.
  • Next Best Action Analytics: Utilizing predictive techniques, Next Best Action AI builds a dynamic customer journey view, delivering specific messages and offerings to maximize outcomes.
  • Next Best Offer Optimization: An NBO model is a data-driven marketing technique identifying the most profitable offer for a customer using data analysis and machine learning.
  • Next Best Action Machine Learning: Recommending the best action or offer to the customer based on their interaction history, enhancing customer journeys.
  • Next Best Experience (NBX): An analytical paradigm enabling real-time identification and delivery of the right experience to the right customer based on comprehensive customer knowledge.
  • Next Best Action Model: A ready-to-use data science model recommending the most relevant actions for every customer based on sales and transaction patterns.
  • Next Best Product (NBP): A strategy identifying the most suitable product or service to offer based on customer preferences and behaviors.
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