Did you know that you can easily connect Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and Salesforce Advertising Studio, enabling the inclusion of prospects in your advertising campaigns? Connect Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and Salesforce Advertising Studio.

Advertising Studio is now called Marketing Cloud Advertising. During this transition, you may see references to Advertising Studio.

Marketing Cloud’s Advertising Studio is an engagement tool that integrates with online advertising channels, allowing you to run targeted ad campaigns for contacts within your database. The possibility of connecting Account Engagement and Advertising Studio is available, whether you’re utilizing the full Marketing Cloud suite or using Account Engagement only and Advertising Studio as standalone products.

Connect Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and Salesforce Advertising Studio

Without the connection between MCAE and Marketing Cloud Advertising, targeting Account Engagement prospects on digital ad platforms involves a manual process of uploading data. For instance, platforms like Meta Ads Manager (Facebook and Instagram) allow you to import contacts via a .csv file, requiring manual extraction from your marketing platform organizing data into a compatible spreadsheet template, and then uploading the list. Manual handling poses risks of data corruption, non-compliance, and potential GDPR breaches, in addition to being time-consuming and tedious.


Marketing Cloud Advertising simplifies the process by allowing you to connect accounts and create audiences directly within the system. This ensures data safety within the CRM, with instant syncing of records. With inclusion of contacts in ad campaigns without manual refreshing. This real-time capability is beneficial for various campaigns, including re-engaging inactive subscribers, extending email marketing reach through advertising coordination, retargeting based on recent behavior, excluding certain contacts from ads, and capturing leads from Facebook Lead Ads into Sales Cloud instantly.

Additionally, you can leverage first-party data to create ‘lookalikes’ for ad campaigns and seamlessly import new leads into Salesforce. Sales team can follow-up, ultimately improving the return on investment for online advertising. As well as configuration of accounts to enable data flow between Account Engagement, Salesforce, and Ad Studio is all that’s required.

For Enterprise Users

For Enterprise users, there’s the added ability to see and manage campaigns directly from Marketing Cloud Advertising. By eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms. Keep in mind that each advertising platform has different criteria for matching contacts. Understanding your match rate upfront is crucial for an effective social ads strategy.

By Tectonic Marketing Cloud and Account Engagement Solution Architect, Shannan Hearne

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