A Leap Forward in Merchandising

Merchants face the ongoing challenge of enhancing loyalty, conversion rates, and shopper lifetime value. Enter Einstein Copilot, ushering in automation to boost productivity and inject intelligence for an elevated customer experience in unprecedented ways. Salesforce asserts that early AI adopters are saving an average of 6.4 hours per week. Copilot A Step Up For Merchandising.

Einstein Copilot empowers merchants to swiftly craft personalized product promotions to attract new customers and target slow-moving stock based on inventory insights. Additionally, it optimizes site traffic with search engine optimization (SEO) content, generates product descriptions, and enhances checkout conversion with AI recommendations tailored to specific objectives.

Copilot A Step Up For Merchandising

Prior to Einstein Copilot, other generative AI copilot solutions operated as separate applications, disconnected from the workflow, and lacked the ability to securely leverage trusted company data for generating relevant or consistent results from large language models. Einstein Copilot integrates seamlessly within the world’s leading AI CRM and harnesses data from any Salesforce application to deliver more precise AI-powered recommendations and content.

Through natural language prompts, Einstein Copilot facilitates a range of tasks, including:

Sales: Conducting account research, preparing for meetings, and automatically updating account information in Salesforce. Summarizing highlights, gauging customer sentiment, and extracting next steps from video calls. Searching for specific details in customer calls and auto-generating sales emails to match tone and style while aligning with customer context. Drafting clauses and embedding them directly within customer contracts.

Service: Automatically responding to customers with personalized, relevant answers sourced from trusted company knowledge across various channels like email, SMS, live chat, or social media. Empowering service teams to resolve customer issues swiftly using generative answers integrated seamlessly into their workflow. Automating tasks like summarizing support cases and field work orders.

Marketing: Generating email copy for marketing campaigns, refining campaign segmentation with Data Cloud, creating website landing pages based on personalized consumer preferences, and auto-populating contact forms with each customer’s unified profile in Salesforce. Generating surveys following online actions to enhance long-term engagement and purchasing.

Commerce: Assisting in building high-converting digital storefronts, automating complex tasks like managing multi-product catalog data, crafting product descriptions in multiple languages, generating personalized product promotions, and optimizing SEO metadata for conversion. Customizing and designing storefront components using natural language prompts.

Developers: Converting natural language prompts into Apex code, offering suggestions for more effective and accurate code, and proactively scanning for code vulnerabilities within the developer environment.

Tableau: Transitioning swiftly from raw data to actionable insights through a conversational interface, enhancing data analyst productivity with a natural language assistant for faster data exploration, building relevant visualizations, automating repetitive tasks, and facilitating efficient data curation.

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