Elevate Your Business Outcomes with Einstein Discovery Analysis

Einstein Discovery revolutionizes your approach to predictive analytics, allowing you to effortlessly build reliable machine learning models without any coding. Reduce reliance on data science teams with an intuitive model-building wizard and streamlined monitoring process. Transition swiftly from data to actionable insights, ensuring every decision is guided by intelligence.

Enhance Your Business Intelligence with Einstein Discovery

Incorporate statistical modeling and machine learning into your business intelligence with Einstein Discovery. Seamlessly integrated into your Salesforce environment, operationalize data analysis, predictions, and enhancements with clicks, not code. Developers can utilize the Einstein Prediction Service to access predictions programmatically, while data specialists can predict outcomes within recipes and dataflows. Tableau users can also leverage Einstein Discovery predictions and improvements directly within Tableau.

Advanced Analytics Made Simple with Einstein Discovery

Einstein Discovery offers a comprehensive suite of business analytics tailored to your specific data needs.

Licensing and Permission Requirements for Einstein Discovery

To utilize Einstein Discovery, your organization needs the appropriate license, with user accounts assigned relevant permissions.

Supported Use Cases and Implementation Tasks

Einstein Discovery solutions effectively address common business use cases, typically involving a series of defined implementation tasks.

Key Differentiation: Einstein Analytics vs. Einstein Discovery

While Einstein Analytics integrates predictive and analytical capabilities within Sales, Service, and Marketing clouds, Einstein Discovery is specifically focused on providing actionable insights and data-driven stories.

Key Benefits of Einstein Discovery

  • Easy-to-use interface for comprehensive data analysis.
  • Automated insights easily shared with stakeholders.
  • Improved accuracy in data analysis, saving time compared to manual methods.

Supported Data Integration and Functionality

Einstein Discovery enables direct integration and import of data from external sources like Hadoop, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. It extracts data from diverse sources, leveraging AI, ML, and statistical intelligence to identify patterns and generate informed predictions.

Enhanced Features and Enhancements

Einstein Discovery seamlessly integrates insights into Tableau workflows, unlocks insights from unstructured data, fine-tunes prediction accuracy with trending data, handles missing values in datasets, accelerates prediction processing with high-volume writeback, and offers enhanced settings panels for efficient prediction management.

Partner with OMI for Expert Guidance

Collaborate with experienced Salesforce services providers like OMI to maximize the benefits of Einstein Discovery, ensuring a seamless implementation process and ongoing support.

Empower Your Business with Einstein Discovery

Einstein Discovery delivers automated data analysis, interactive visualizations, and predictive insights to elevate decision-making and optimize business operations. Unlock the power of AI-driven analytics within your Salesforce ecosystem to accelerate growth and gain a competitive edge.

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