Setting Up Einstein Relationship Insights:

Configure ERI Insights to empower your sales team in managing relationships among individuals, companies, and their interactions. Follow these steps for enabling and configuring:

  1. Enabling Einstein Relationship Insights:
    • Navigate to Setup.
    • Utilize the Quick Find box to search for “Einstein.”
    • Select Einstein Relationship Intelligence.
    • Activate ERI.
  2. Object and Record Configuration:
    • Configure objects and records to track relationships.
    • Choose object connections for user exploration.
    • Set the component’s location on the page layout.
  3. Connected App Configuration:
    • Configure the connected app for Einstein Relationship Insights.
  4. License Assignment:
    • Assign licenses to users.
  5. Database Migration:
    • Utilize a dedicated database for relationship object mappings.
    • Perform a mandatory database migration by turning off and on ERI.
    • Save the object configurations.

Enabling Einstein Relationship Insights:

To enable ERI, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Setup.
  2. Use the Quick Find box to search for “Einstein.”
  3. Select Einstein Relationship Intelligence.
  4. Enable Einstein Relationship Insights.
  5. Choose object connections to enable user exploration.

Understanding Einstein Relationship Insights (ERI):

ERI, serves as an AI-powered research assistant, enhancing sales processes. ERI operates as a desktop plugin with a browser extension, exploring diverse data sources to provide relevant insights for expediting deal closures.

Key Features of ERI:

  1. Autonomous Data Exploration:
    • ERI autonomously examines web and internal data sources.
    • Includes news articles, social media, collaboration apps, and emails.
  2. CRM Integration:
    • ERI seamlessly updates the CRM with relevant information in a single click.
    • Facilitates more informed and relevant conversations for accelerated sales.
  3. Collaboration with Sales Reps:
    • Contrary to concerns about AI replacing salespeople, ERI collaborates with sales agents.
    • ERI efficiently handles research tasks, allowing reps to focus on high-impact interactions.
  4. Benefits of ERI:
    • Increases leads and appointments by over 50%.
    • Reduces costs by up to 60%.
    • Enhances time utilization for sales reps.
  5. Applications of ERI:
    • Provides deep customer insight for relevant and informed conversations.
    • Optimizes client interactions, saving time for meeting preparation.
    • Accelerates the sales process, contributing to positive customer experiences.
  6. Contextual Learning:
    • ERI keeps records of web pages visited and Salesforce records created for future reference.
  7. Facilitates Relationship Graphics:
    • Offers graphics for easy visualization of the network around business customers.
  8. Seamless Integration:
    • ERI seamlessly connects with everyday office tools (browsers, Salesforce, Microsoft Office).

Salesforce Einstein Relationship Insights Implementation:

Sales representatives benefit from ERI’s relationship intelligence, providing:

  • Immediate access to customer information.
  • Unified data access within the CRM.
  • Native design, connecting external data efficiently.
  • Unstructured data analysis for natural language exploration.

Accelerating Sales with ERI:

  • Salespeople spend only 36% of their time selling.
  • ERI leverages AI for relationship intelligence, assisting teams in key decision-making.
  • Teams gain insights about prospects, connections, interests, and values for effective engagement.

Supercharge Sales with Intelligent Relationship Management:

Salesforce ERI improves customer understanding. AI-driven relationship management aids in forming deeper connections. Salesforce offers various tools and capabilities to enhance sales productivity.

Salesforce introduced Einstein Relationship Insights, a new AI-powered research agent that autonomously explores the internet and internal data sources to discover relationships between customers, prospects, and companies, assisting sales reps in closing deals faster. Einstein Relationship Insights functions as a virtual assistant, scanning the web, social media, collaboration apps, email, and other online sources to uncover and recommend related people and companies.

Why it matters: Einstein Relationship Insights showcases how AI collaborates with, rather than replaces, salespeople to enhance deal closure and increase revenue. AI-powered tools are crucial for over-burdened reps, automating critical relationship research and network analysis around key decision-makers.

For further details on how Salesforce solutions can address your business needs, consult the Tectonic team for comprehensive assistance

Content updated February 2024.

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