Sales is fundamentally a relationship-oriented endeavor, where representatives invest substantial time delving into lead interests, needs, and behaviors to fortify connections. What if you could Using AI to prep for meetings?

Imagine a tool that assumes this responsibility, endowing you with the ability to swiftly acquaint yourself with pertinent information. Here’s what AI can accomplish: it undertakes the arduous research, analyzing both public and CRM data to succinctly encapsulate vital prospect details essential for pre-meeting preparation. If you have specific queries, just pose a question, and AI promptly provides a powered response.

Consider this scenario: A sales representative steps in for a colleague on leave, aiming to catch up on major accounts. They leverage Einstein in Sales Cloud, filtering deals with a revenue exceeding $100,000. Many of these deals boast extensive historical data, a formidable amount to sift through. Einstein streamlines the process by presenting deal summaries encompassing crucial information such as involved parties, recent activities, potential risks, and recommended next steps.

How to use AI to prep for meetings

Einstein goes a step further, flagging an email from a customer with pricing queries awaiting a response. The rep seeks guidance: “What key information should I know about this customer before addressing the email?” Einstein synthesizes the deal in plain language, offering key account details and insights from past meetings to seamlessly resume the conversation. In other words, Einstein answers the reps question – in seconds.

Sales Summaries for Sales Cloud becomes the go-to solution for instant meeting preparation, enabling sellers to navigate meetings with agility.

Elevate your selling velocity with integrated AI directly in your CRM. Provide each seller with an AI assistant to turbocharge sales across the cycle, automating tasks, expediting decisions, and steering sellers towards swift closures. Einstein 1 allows effortless customization and integration of AI into various workspaces.

Here are some key functionalities:

1. Call Summaries & Exploration: Bid farewell to tedious note-flipping. Ask Einstein to synthesize critical call information swiftly, generating concise summaries or identifying pivotal takeaways and customer sentiment from sales calls.

2. Prospect and Account Research: Streamline research on prospects and accounts. Summarize CRM records to gauge deal viability, competitor involvement, and more. Fetch real-time data updates from the news, and direct Einstein to update lead or opportunity records effortlessly.

3. Call Insights: Identify crucial moments from sales conversations. Instantly recognize objections, pricing attitudes, and questions asked without sifting through entire calls. Accelerate deal progression with conversation insights related to opportunities.

4. Relationship Graphs: Discern relationship networks effortlessly. Grasp prospect and customer networks for each deal, with automatic population of contacts and relevant details to fortify relationships with decision-makers.

5. Relationship Insights: Unearth new relationship insights with support from external data. Gain vital context from diverse sources across the web, seamlessly integrated into your CRM, and automatically update existing records with newfound information.

Generative AI for Sales: Generative AI employs straightforward prompts to craft copy (e.g., prospecting emails) and provide recommendations (e.g., suggestions for quick-win deals). It analyzes existing sales and customer data to assist in drafting emails and determining messages or resources that would propel a sales conversation forward. Integration into a CRM, the hub of sales and customer data, is the likely destination for these capabilities.

And while we’re at it – Real-Time Improvement of Sales Presentations: Crafting compelling presentations demands significant time and effort. Generative AI, activated through text-based prompts in presentation tools, facilitates the creation of customized decks and pitches within minutes. Early versions of real-time coaching are emerging, where AI-based guidance, embedded in video conferencing tools, evaluates live presentations to ensure they address the prospect’s pain points effectively. This advanced system, triggered by specific keywords, can recommend prospect-specific information, transforming your presentation into a tailored and impactful experience.

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