The Einstein Trust Layer, seamlessly integrated into the Salesforce Platform, serves as a secure AI architecture designed to meet enterprise security standards. This foundational layer prioritizes stringent security measures, allowing teams to harness the power of generative AI without compromising customer data. Simultaneously, it empowers companies to make the most of their trusted data, thereby enhancing the precision of generative AI responses. Key features of the Einstein Trust Layer include:

Integrated and Grounded: An inherent component of every Einstein Copilot, the Trust Layer ensures that generative prompts are firmly rooted and enriched in trusted company data. Its integration with Salesforce Data Cloud establishes a seamless connection, reinforcing the reliability and relevance of generative responses.

Zero-Data Retention and PII Protection: Companies can trust that their data will never be retained by third-party Large Language Model (LLM) providers. The Trust Layer incorporates masking techniques for personally identifiable information (PII), ensuring an added layer of data privacy.

Toxicity Awareness and Compliance-Ready AI Monitoring: A dedicated safety-detector LLM within the Trust Layer acts as a guard against toxicity, assessing risks to brand reputation by scoring AI generations. This scoring mechanism instills confidence in the safety of responses. Moreover, each AI interaction is meticulously recorded in a secure, monitored audit trail, providing companies with visibility and control over how their data is utilized and ensuring compliance readiness.

In alignment with Microsoft’s introduction of Copilot solutions powered by generative AI, Salesforce is leveraging the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) to empower professionals in sales, marketing, and customer service. Building on Salesforce’s existing suite of Einstein AI features, the company unveiled “Einstein 1” this year—a next-generation suite of tools empowering users to seamlessly integrate AI into their everyday workflows. At the core of this advancement is the Einstein Copilot solution, complemented by the new Copilot studio and the Einstein Trust Layer.

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