Salesforce Announces Unified Knowledge to Boost Service Efficiency and Customer Experience

Salesforce has introduced Unified Knowledge, a groundbreaking solution designed to integrate organizational knowledge from various third-party systems into Salesforce. This integration aims to enhance service agents’ efficiency and expedite customer case resolutions. By leveraging customer data in Salesforce Data Cloud, Unified Knowledge helps generate accurate and relevant AI-driven content, enabling faster and more personalized customer experiences. Generative AI Self-Service and Unified Knowledge.

Key Importance

  • Investment in AI: Seventy-nine percent of service organizations are investing in AI to support their agents.
  • Challenges in Scaling AI: However, 76% of executives face difficulties in effectively scaling AI due to disconnected systems and siloed data.

Detailed Insights

Built on the Einstein Trust Layer, Einstein for Service uses AI to boost service team productivity and customer experience. Traditionally, these AI capabilities have relied on unstructured and structured customer data within Data Cloud. Unified Knowledge enhances these AI models by incorporating Salesforce knowledge articles and resources from third-party platforms such as SharePoint, Confluence, Google Drive, and company websites. This robust data foundation empowers Einstein for Service and its generative AI capabilities to deliver precise answers to agents and AI assistants in real time.

Generative AI Self-Service and Unified Knowledge

Unified Knowledge, developed through a strategic partnership with Zoomin, offers several key capabilities:

  • Knowledge Answers in Bots: Automatically generate answers to customer inquiries within a bot using a company’s complete internal and external knowledge base. For example, retail customers can access knowledge to answer questions requiring information from third-party sources, such as manufacturer-provided clothing care instructions.
  • Einstein Copilot for Mobile Workers: Mobile workers can ask questions and receive instant responses sourced from the company’s comprehensive knowledge base. For instance, a technician facing issues while installing a dishwasher can chat with Copilot for real-time troubleshooting assistance.
  • Search Answers: Generate answers to both agent and customer questions based on a company’s trusted knowledge base, displayed directly within a customer portal or agent console. For example, a banking customer can receive step-by-step instructions for actions like canceling a credit card or requesting a credit increase without agent assistance.

In addition to Service Cloud, Unified Knowledge integrates information into Salesforce Field Service, Sales Cloud, Health Cloud, and Financial Services Cloud.

Salesforce’s Perspective

Kishan Chetan, EVP and GM of Service Cloud, stated, “In service, more knowledge and more context translates to better answers for agents and customers. Agents and self-serve customers already benefit from a complete customer profile with information in Data Cloud. Now, with Unified Knowledge, they also have access to all external organizational data, creating a truly comprehensive foundation to fuel both the successful adoption of generative AI and the delivery of faster, more meaningful customer experiences.”

Customer Reaction

Dharam Rai, VP of Global Customer Success & Experience at Sonos, commented, “Unified Knowledge is helping us deliver proactive, predictive, and preventative service to our customers. We have over 500 agents educating our customers on different aspects of our products. Now, all our resources and data points can be unified through the same system quickly, enabling our agents to provide solutions faster. Every agent can deliver consistent and repeatable service to improve customer engagement and increase organizational productivity.”


Unified Knowledge is available today in open beta for Salesforce customers with Service Cloud Unlimited Edition, Einstein 1 Service Edition, or the Knowledge Add-On. Knowledge Answers in Bots will be generally available in June 2024, while Einstein Copilot for Mobile Workers and Search Answers are available now.

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