What is Salesforce In-App Guidance? Salesforce In-App Guidance is a pre-built tool empowering Salesforce Admins and power users with Managed Prompts and View All Profiles permissions to create customized training for user enablement or onboarding. These custom prompts are displayed on Salesforce Lightning pages, enhancing the user experience.

How much does Salesforce In-App Guidance cost? Salesforce In-App Guidance is linked to a myTrailhead license for each user, incurring a cost of $25 per user per month. This fee is paid in addition to the standard Salesforce license cost for each user.

What are the benefits of In-App Guidance? In-App Guidance streamlines the learning process, boosts digital adoption, minimizes the need for training sessions, and empowers users by actively guiding them through the software’s functionalities.

What are the best practices for In-App Guidance? Effective in-app guides should be interactive, personalized, and contextual. It is recommended to avoid overwhelming users with information upfront and instead guide them in the context of their specific goals at different stages of their user journey.

Businesses can create customized help content, target specific audiences, and schedule different flows. The tool also offers customizable reports with real-time insights into user engagement.

One notable advantage of this functionality is its user-friendly, declarative nature, requiring no programming knowledge. Additionally, it can be filtered based on profiles and permissions for specific user groups. The two available types, Single Prompt and Walkthrough, offer distinct advantages.

If you’ve explored Salesforce, you might have noticed the tool being used internally, such as to drive adoption for Einstein Search or provide reminders about searchable elements in a List View.

Single Prompt:

  • Floating Prompt: Positioned as an informative box on the screen, ideal for general messages or relevant links.
  • Docked Prompt: Appears at the bottom corner of the page, perfect for providing more detailed information, links, and videos.
  • Targeted Prompt: Tied to a specific element on the screen, prompting users to take specific actions.
In App Guidance Salesforce


  • A series of up to ten prompts appearing in sequence as users navigate through them.

How to Use In-App Guidance:

Implementation is straightforward, ensuring a quick turnaround for impacted end-users. The functionality is versatile, catering to various user groups in Salesforce, from sales to support to marketing.

Setup & In-App Guidance Builder:

  • Navigate to Setup to create, view, and manage prompts.
  • Determine the frequency of prompt displays (hours).

Get Hands On:

  • Create a Walkthrough using In-App Guidance for a step-by-step showcase of functionalities on the homepage or record pages of any Lightning application. The process is similar for creating Simple Prompts.

In app guidance provides a great user experience.  If you need assistance customizing your Salesforce instance with in app guidance, Tectonic can help.  

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