Slack and AI are here. Seems Promising, but Is Slack Secure?

At Slack and Salesforce, trust is paramount. When it comes to AI, security is the top concern voiced by their customers. They are dedicated to developing AI products that are safe, responsible, and ethical. Their decision-making is guided by a set of product values aimed at upholding your trust. Is slack secure?

You Maintain Control Over Your Data

In a landscape where some companies view customer data as a commodity, Salesforce and Slack prioritize user safety and data privacy. Their new AI features are integrated within Slack’s secure infrastructure, ensuring that your data remains under your control. They neither sell, rent, nor utilize your information for commercial purposes because they firmly believe that your trust cannot be bought.

Slack does not share customer data with large language model (LLM) providers nor utilize customer data to train LLMs. Slack AI operates on Slack’s infrastructure, adhering to the same stringent security practices and compliance standards expected from Slack itself. The entire ecosystem upholds a high level of security and compliance, including features like Enterprise Key Management, which empowers customers to manage their encryption keys independently.

You Can Verify Results

Tectonic recognizes that trust in technology hinges on its integrity. Slack AI features are designed to be transparent, allowing you to delve into the results and independently verify them. AI should complement, not replace, human judgment, and our aim is to provide tools that empower users to make informed decisions.

Explore More AI Tools in Slack Today

Slack’s AI capabilities are both subtle and powerful, complemented by a growing array of third-party AI apps vetted for reliability. One such app is Claude, a conversational chatbot from Anthropic available to Slack Enterprise Grid users. Claude functions as a knowledgeable personal assistant, adept at tasks like account planning, contract reviews, and strategy generation, all while maintaining privacy.

Using Claude is straightforward; simply tag @Claude in channels or group messages to initiate tasks visible to your team. Additionally, Slack offers integration with other AI-powered apps such as Box, PagerDuty, Perplexity, and Notion, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Salesforce Slack

This Is Just the Beginning

As Salesforce and Slack introduce user-friendly AI tools in Slack, they’re opening doors to limitless possibilities. Starting with robust features designed to simplify and streamline work processes, they plan to unveil more intelligent features aimed at helping teams maximize their organizational impact.

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