Capabilities of Einstein Copilot

Utilizing Data Cloud for Grounded Prompts: Einstein Copilot enhances its responses by grounding them in trusted business data from Data Cloud, providing essential context for high-quality outputs. This approach enables Einstein Copilot to generate more precise and tailored, personalized responses based on reliable company data.

Pre-Programmed “Actions” Out of the Box: Einstein Copilot comes equipped with a library of out-of-the-box actions, comprising pre-programmed capabilities, automated responses, or business tasks that the AI can execute when prompted. These actions are versatile and can be combined to execute dynamic multi-step plans. For instance, a customer service agent can instruct Einstein Copilot to close a case, open a sales opportunity, or sell an add-on, and the AI will comprehend the user’s intent, seamlessly executing the specified tasks within the service experience. Einstein Copilot ensures a seamless flow of operations without silos between applications or data.

Uses for Einstein Copilot

Uses for Einstein Copilot

Getting Started with Custom Actions in Einstein Copilot

5 Business Applications for an AI Copilot

Customization for Specific Business Needs: Einstein Copilot is adaptable to specific sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT tasks, ensuring the application of company and industry policies. Copilot Builder facilitates the creation of custom actions, Prompt Builder activates custom prompts within the workflow, and Model Builder utilizes proprietary AI models to empower custom functionality in Einstein Copilot.

Reasoning Engine for Intent Interpretation: Einstein Copilot’s reasoning engine, which interprets and processes information to make informed decisions or generate insights, interacts with a Large Language Model (LLM) by analyzing the complete context of the user’s prompt. It determines the actions or series of actions to take and generates the output accordingly. For instance, if a sales representative asks Einstein Copilot to recommend a new product tier, the AI can assess the customer’s current products, understand upgrade options, and transition the customer into a new high-value marketing segment. Einstein Copilot can also update information across multiple systems using MuleSoft and Salesforce Flow.

Trusted Responses and Actions: Einstein Copilot provides reliable AI interactions with privacy and security measures, facilitated by the Einstein Trust Layer. As part of the Einstein 1 Platform, the Trust Layer ensures the masking of personally identifiable information (PII), scores outputs for toxicity, and safeguards information from unauthorized access and data breaches through zero-data retention from Salesforce’s LLM partners.

Uses for Einstein Copilot

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