Unlocking the Power of Modern Cloud Analytics: A Tableau and AWS Initiative

According to IDC research, analytics spending on the cloud is growing eight times faster than other deployment types. A comprehensive cloud technology stack supports data integration, self-service analytics, and essential use cases for digital transformation and analytics at scale. To help customers harness the power of cloud-based self-service analytics, Tableau continues to invest in its Modern Cloud Analytics initiative, launched at the Tableau Conference in 2019.

What is Modern Cloud Analytics?

Modern Cloud Analytics (MCA) combines the expertise and resources of Tableau, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and their partner networks. This collaboration maximizes the value of end-to-end data and analytics investments, from data strategy and migration to operational optimization. MCA helps organizations at any digital transformation stage securely deploy and scale cloud analytics, delivering faster time to value and reduced costs with validated migration processes that mitigate risk.

Core Product Integration and Connectivity

Tableau integrates seamlessly with AWS services, providing a complete solution for analyzing data stored in Amazon’s infrastructure.

Key integrations include:

Amazon S3 Connector: Leveraging Tableau’s Hyper in-memory data engine, this connector reads Parquet or CSV files directly from Amazon S3, eliminating the need for Hyper extracts. Available in Tableau Cloud and Tableau Exchange.
Amazon Athena Connector: Now supports third-party identity providers (IdP) like Azure AD and Okta, offering secure and flexible authentication with multi-factor options.
Amazon OpenSearch Connector: Developed by the Amazon OpenSearch Service team, available on Tableau Exchange.
Amazon DocumentDB Connector: Created by the Amazon DocumentDB Service team, featured on Tableau Exchange.
Amazon Neptune Connector: Developed by the Amazon Neptune Service team, available on Tableau Exchange.

Skip Server Administration with Tableau Cloud
Tableau Cloud, hosted on AWS, offers significant cost savings and performance improvements. “With Tableau Cloud, we’re saving over $300,000 annually in server and platform administration costs, with dashboard performance improving by 2x,” said Raj Seenu, Senior Director of Data Technologies at Splunk. This platform allows IT and data engineers to focus on other critical tasks, demonstrating a cloud-first approach. Splunk anticipates doubling its enterprise analytics adoption by the end of 2021.

Getting Started with Modern Cloud Analytics
The MCA program assists customers in migrating data and analytics workloads to AWS, unlocking the benefits of a cloud-based analytics strategy.

*Source: IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Tableau and AWS, Cloud Business Intelligence and Analytics, doc #US46135420TM, April 2020.

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