Tableau Pulse, fueled by Tableau Artificial Intelligence and exclusive to Tableau Cloud, revolutionizes the data ingestion experience. The ability to empower business users with intelligent, personalized insights seamlessly integrated into their workflows.

Whereas once upon a time AI for the lay user was about as friendly as asking Siri a question which she Googles for an answer and reads back to you. It saves a few clicks and a little typing, but it isn’t exactly thinking outside of the box – or phone.

In the current data analytics demanding world, characterized by generative AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and automation, the landscape is evolving. Data is at the core of these transformative technologies, and our interaction with said data is changing rapidly. As businesses worldwide confront an inflection point, embracing data-driven decision-making becomes crucial for staying competitive and building robust customer relationships.

Tableau Pulse is a reimagined data experience, democratizing data accessibility for all users, irrespective of their familiarity with data visualization tools. Exclusively available to Tableau Cloud users, Tableau Pulse harnesses Tableau AI’s power to deliver more personalized, contextual, and intelligent data experiences in an easy-to-understand format.

Key Features of Tableau Pulse:

  • Metrics Layer Integration:
    • Introduces the flexibility of a Metrics Layer, or headless BI, to Tableau’s platform, allowing the definition of metrics and KPIs once for organization-wide use.
    • Ensures alignment across teams by providing a single source of truth, saving analysts time and fostering data consistency.
  • Insights Platform:
    • Leverages a statistical service on top of the Metrics Layer to automatically generate and rank insights using generative AI.
    • Allows users to engage with insights and explore data further through context-based follow-up questions.
  • Next-Gen Experiences:
    • Presents data using consumer-friendly metrics directly within users’ workflows, such as Slack, email, or the Tableau web app.
    • Facilitates easy scaling of relevant metrics as users discover, follow, and share insights akin to social media content.

Upcoming Tableau Pulse Features in 2024:

  • Mobile App Access: Ability to access Tableau Pulse from the Tableau mobile app.
  • Goals and Thresholds: Introduction of goals and thresholds for metrics.
  • Expanded Analytics and Insights: Inclusion of additional analytics and insights.
  • Diverse Metric Types: Support for additional metric types, such as fiscal year metrics.
Tableau Pulse

Tableau Pulse aims to breathe new life into analytics for everyone, capitalizing on the potential of generative AI, automation, and sensors to redefine how businesses interact with data. In a landscape where success hinges on data utilization, Tableau Pulse is poised to empower every employee with personalized, contextual, and intelligent insights directly within their workflow, fostering a truly data-driven organizational culture.

Imaging the industry specific use cases for travel and tourism, manufacturing, health and life sciences, and the public sector?

If you have data you aren’t able to utilize, reach out to Tectonic today to discover how Tableau Pulse could solve your challenges.

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