Marketing Cloud Personalization: Integration Capabilities

Marketing Cloud Personalization seamlessly integrates with various third-party solutions beyond Salesforce. These integrations span data management platforms, email service providers, third-party campaign detection tools, analytics products, content management systems, social media platforms, and tag managers. Personalization and Third-Party Apps.

Data Management Platforms (DMP)

Examples: Adobe Audience Manager, BlueKai, Neustar

  • Integration Type: Client-side sync, ETL data feeds
  • Data Synchronization:
    • Data In: Files posted to the Personalization SFTP site are processed on an ongoing basis.
    • Data Out: Segment exports are performed nightly or as needed.


  • Personalization currently supports client-side integrations with DMP platforms, with no server-to-server integrations.
  • Attributes and segment IDs can be passed to Personalization and stored as custom user profile attributes.
  • Personalization can pass segment membership data to DMPs for retargeting efforts.
  • For detailed information, refer to “Export a Segment to the Personalization SFTP” and “About ETL Data Feeds.”

Email Service Providers (ESP)

Examples: Yes Lifecycle Marketing, Silverpop, Cheetah Mail, Adobe Campaign

  • Integration Type: ETL data feeds, file-based synchronization, open-time email
  • Data Synchronization:
    • Data In: Files posted to the Personalization SFTP site are processed on an ongoing basis.
    • Data Out: Segment exports are performed nightly or as needed.


  • Segments can be pushed to the Personalization SFTP for enhanced targeting in ESPs using the Segment Exporter Gear.
  • User and campaign data, including sends, opens, and clicks, can be stored using the Account ETL Data Feed.
  • Open-time email campaigns can deliver personalized offers or content and product recommendations within the ESP. For more information, see “Create an Open Time Email Campaign.”

Third-Party Campaign Detection

Integration Type: UTM parameter mapping

  • Data Synchronization: Real-time upon click-through


  • Configure UTM parameter mapping to capture additional campaign information.
  • External campaigns appear in the Third-Party campaign list page and can be used for enhanced experience targeting.
  • Personalization tracks click-throughs but not impressions for external campaigns.


Examples: Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics

  • Integration Type: Client-side sync
  • Data Synchronization: Real-time in-browser


  • Personalization can listen for campaign statistics events and format them for third-party tracking systems. For more information, see “Sending Campaign Stats to Third Parties.”

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Examples: Various CMS solutions

  • Integration Type: Typically, no integration required with CMS


  • Personalization creates a reference catalog of product and content assets by scraping the page directly.
  • Additional content and product information can be ingested using ETL integration.
  • Campaigns and experiences can be rendered both client-side and server-side.
  • Note: Salesforce Interactions SDK Launcher does not support integration with CMS solutions using the document.write() method in the DOM Web API.


Integration Type: Generic segment sync

  • Data Synchronization: One-off or nightly file-based synchronization


  • Pass segments out of Personalization via SFTP into various media and display tools for enhanced retargeting efforts. For more information, see “Export a Segment to the Personalization SFTP.”

Tag Managers

Integration Type: Custom implementation based on your needs


  • Work with your implementation team to determine the best approach for integrating Personalization with your tag manager.

By leveraging these integration options, Marketing Cloud Personalization enables seamless data synchronization and enhanced targeting across multiple platforms and channels.

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