Define regulatory codes within Public Sector Solutions as sets of rules necessary to ensure safety and quality for the issuance of specific licenses and permits. Salesforce offers Regulatory Code Record Solutions.

Regulatory codes represent the rules or standards established by a local, state, regional, or national government body vested with the authority to grant licenses or permits. Illustrative examples of regulatory codes encompass:

  • Barbers mandated to prominently display their professional license at their place of employment, as stipulated by a state board of barbering and cosmetology.
  • Restaurants requiring restroom ventilation to the outside through means such as an openable, screened window, air shaft, or exhaust fan, in accordance with local building codes, as regulated by a state department of public health.
  • Dispensaries directed to implement an identification and sign-in/sign-out procedure for personnel, suppliers, and visitors, maintaining records of all authorized individuals not employed who enter the licensed premises, overseen by a state department of cannabis control.
Regulatory Code Record Solutions

Code compliance is imperative for numerous business, professional, and occupational license applications. Salesforce has code and licensing solutions built into the public sector solutions. In cases where regulatory codes govern the license, inspectors conduct site visits during the application process to assess compliance with the established codes. Regulatory Code Record Solutions are just one of the tools Salesforce offers to public sector and tribal governments.

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