Salesforce Code Builder is a cutting-edge, web-based integrated development environment (IDE) that combines the robust capabilities of Visual Studio Code, Salesforce Extensions for VS Code, and Salesforce CLI directly within your web browser. Offering a contemporary developer experience suitable for all skill levels, Code Builder enables admins and developers to seamlessly work in the cloud without the hassle of software downloads, setup concerns, or machine specifications. This innovative tool ensures flexibility, allowing you to work from any location and easily return to your development environment through bookmarks or access links from different machines. Notably, Code Builder automatically saves your work, eliminating the need for manual saves common in desktop IDEs.

Code Builder Rapid Development

Designed as a rapid and tailored development environment, Code Builder is specific to your Salesforce organization and designated project. It grants access to popular Salesforce languages and frameworks, including Apex, SOQL, Visualforce, Aura, and Lightning Web Components. Benefiting from rich developer tools such as Apex debuggers and linting, Code Builder can be installed as a managed package in any supported Salesforce org edition.

Salesforce is thrilled to introduce Code Builder, a revolutionary web-based development environment preloaded with Salesforce languages and frameworks. This eliminates the wait for IT team approvals to download and install Salesforce development tools locally. With Code Builder, you can initiate Salesforce app development instantly, directly from your browser, without any time or location constraints.

User-Based License

Access to Code Builder is obtained through a user-based license, and many Salesforce editions now include Code Builder licenses. Details regarding the number of licenses available for various editions can be found in the documentation. Code Builder seamlessly integrates with Git for efficient versioning and management of org metadata and code. Furthermore, it works seamlessly with DevOps Center for an enhanced change and release management experience.

Code Builder supports the installation of Einstein for Developers, leveraging Salesforce’s LLM to enhance productivity and expedite Salesforce customization. You can instruct Einstein using natural language to generate Apex boilerplate code directly from the sidebar. Additional features such as code explanations and support for Lightning Web Components are in the pipeline.


Please note that Code Builder is accessible in paid orgs only, although it allows connection to any org, including Developer orgs and Trailhead Playgrounds. While Code Builder is an excellent workspace, it’s imperative to save your work in permanent storage, such as source control or an org. For those considering enabling Code Builder for Government Cloud, specific considerations are outlined in the documentation.

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