Enhance your digital service capabilities by leveraging a flexible and scalable cloud platform designed to engage employees and enhance operational efficiency. Streamline workflows for swift time-to-value today, all while strategizing for the future. Prioritize your constituents by placing them at the core of your operations. Deliver customer-centric experiences, from service interactions to outreach efforts, ensuring they not only meet but exceed expectations. Access purpose-built apps and digital tools tailored for the public sector. Salesforce Government and Public Sector solutions are the key.

Reimagine the employee experience across the entire lifecycle, from recruitment and collaboration to personnel action requests. Empower your workforce with accessible resources and digital-first tools, enabling success from any location. Develop, integrate, and deploy government apps aligned with mission objectives. Connect legacy systems securely on a cloud platform, empowering IT teams, system integrators, partners, and program leads to transform technical debt into innovation opportunities.


Transform your system of record into a system of engagement to manage mission-critical programs effectively. Achieve superior long-term outcomes by incorporating apps that seamlessly connect EHR data, treatment plans, and patient preferences. Utilize top-tier commercial CRM capabilities while adhering to compliance standards such as FedRAMP, DoD IL2/4, SOC, and more. Ensure stakeholders have secure access to critical information on any device, allowing IT to focus on innovation and employees to engage with collaborative tools.

Empower public sector employees and government agents to address inquiries and provide enhanced services. A comprehensive customer view enables employees to deliver impactful and immediate services. Quickly build desktop and mobile applications with innovative solutions ready to deploy. Empower IT teams, SI partners, and business leaders to create and share custom apps for crisis management and collaboration.

Salesforce Government and Public Sector solutions for mission-critical relationships

Manage mission-critical relationships with employees, customers, and partners. Develop a 360-degree view of constituent interactions to deliver relevant communications and exceptional service. Meet constituent expectations for easy-to-use, self-service experiences through Salesforce community portals.

Prepare for the future with tools to report, track, and coordinate emergency communications. Reimagine emergency response with an agile platform for improved response and recovery. Expedite every step in the license and permit approval lifecycle through a digital approach, fostering effective collaboration and eliminating bottlenecks.

Salesforce government and public sector solutions

Reinforce your mission with timely and personalized messages, leveraging a multichannel marketing platform to engage constituents and customize their experiences. Capture additional revenue with unified digital commerce channels, providing a consistent ecommerce experience across web, store, mobile, and social transactions.

Customer Centric Interactions

Ensure every interaction is customer-centric by leveraging data and analytics to improve experiences for both employees and the citizens you serve. With enhanced resolution and service levels, caseworkers and employees can dedicate time to other essential programs.

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