Facilitate a seamless integration of Gmail and Google Calendar with Salesforce to optimize your sales representatives’ workflow. According to McKinsey & Company, sales reps dedicate up to 28% of their day to email and calendars, emphasizing the need to integrate these applications.

Integration yields several benefits:

  1. Reduced Data Entry Time: Eliminate redundant data entry across applications, saving your reps valuable time.
  2. Centralized Information: Access essential email messages, scheduled meetings, and relevant Salesforce records in a unified platform, simplifying the creation of targeted communications.
  3. Enhanced Focus on Sales: By eliminating constant application switching, reps can concentrate more on driving sales.

Integration aids key sales activities:

  1. Sending Email Messages: Integrate Gmail with Salesforce for easy tracking of relevant email conversations with prospects.
  2. Maintaining Contacts: Efficiently manage contacts using Google Contacts in Gmail as a virtual Rolodex.
  3. Scheduling Meetings and Appointments: Streamline schedule planning and event arrangements with integrated calendars.

Address common challenges faced by sales reps:

  1. Context Switching: Minimize repetitive context switching between applications that disrupts the selling mode.
  2. Data Entry Errors: Reduce the likelihood of errors by maintaining data in a single integrated platform, preserving data quality and the company’s reputation.

Integration features, along with Einstein Activity Capture, enhance sales reps’ capabilities:

  1. Gmail Integration Features: Enable reps to view and relate Salesforce content in Gmail and Google Calendar, seamlessly create Salesforce records, and search for Salesforce records within their email environment.
  2. Einstein Activity Capture Features: Sync contacts and events, automatically add emails to the activity timeline of related records, and utilize Einstein Email Insights for intelligent data to send timely and relevant responses.

Empower sales teams with increased productivity. Integrate Gmail and Google Calendar with Salesforce.

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