Salesforce GovSlack seamlessly integrates your team members, tools, and partners into a unified platform that adheres to critical government regulations for handling sensitive data. By breaking down communication barriers within and outside organizations, GovSlack empowers individuals to excel in their work.

Salesforce GovSlack

  • What is Salesforce GovSlack?
    • GovSlack is a specialized instance of Slack designed to foster collaboration among government agencies, contractors, citizens, and partners within a secure, centralized environment. This instance is meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous security and operational standards demanded by public sector clients.
  • Is Slack approved for government use?
    • Slack holds FedRAMP Moderate authorization to cater to compliance needs in the public sector. GovSlack, with its FedRAMP JAB High authorization and pursuit of DoD CC SRG IL4 compliance, provides enhanced security and assurance. Additionally, Slack supports educational customers in meeting their unique compliance requirements.
  • How does the federal government utilize Slack?
    • Security is paramount for public sector agencies and their collaborators. Slack is the trusted, compliant platform that federal agencies rely on as their digital headquarters.
  • Slack proudly serves diverse teams, enabling them to work flexibly and effectively, regardless of industry or regulatory demands. This is why numerous government agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the General Services Administration’s 18F Office, choose Slack as their preferred solution.
Salesforce GovSlack
  • GovSlack Features:
    • GovSlack is designed to comply with essential government security standards, including FedRAMP High, DoD IL 4, and ITAR.
    • It operates in AWS GovCloud data centers managed by U.S. personnel.
    • GovSlack facilitates external collaboration with other GovSlack users via Slack Connect.
    • It provides encryption key access for advanced auditing and logging controls.
    • GovSlack offers scale-friendly permission and access controls through Slack’s enterprise-grade admin dashboard.
    • GovSlack includes a directory of curated applications, such as DLP and eDiscovery apps, that seamlessly integrate with Slack.
    • GovSlack complements tools like Salesforce’s Government Cloud Plus, tailored for government agencies. By combining a CRM and collaboration platform that supports compliance, organizations and their partners can expedite agency goals and meet constituent expectations efficiently.
Salesforce GovSlack

“Government agencies and their partners, colleagues, and contractors can now collaborate more swiftly and flexibly within a secure digital HQ. With all tools, workflows, and integrations centralized in Slack, institutions empower their personnel and elevate collaboration while upholding compliance standards.”

Rob Seaman
SVP Product, Enterprise, Slack

For example, the Army Software Factory (Army SWF) adopts agile startup methods to enhance soldiers’ software development skills, deploying digital solutions to solve Army challenges. To achieve agile, effective collaboration, the Army SWF sought GovSlack, a flexible solution that promotes productivity and camaraderie while meeting stringent Department of Defense policies.

“Similarly, Lockheed Martin, a global aerospace and security company, utilizes Slack to connect its extensive workforce across 400 facilities and 50 countries. With GovSlack, Lockheed Martin anticipates expanding its Slack usage for defense projects.”

Tim Lewis
Director of Digital Workplace Services, Lockheed Martin

GovSlack will also feature a directory of certified applications, including security and compliance apps, categorized by certification level. This setup allows GovSlack users to seamlessly integrate applications aligned with their security needs, such as Okta and Box.

“Slack and Box together enable secure communication and collaboration, simplifying internal information flow and enhancing citizen engagement.”

Murtaza Masood
Managing Director, State and Local Government, Box

GovSlack ensures secure collaboration tailored for government operations, promoting flexibility and productivity while adhering to key government regulations for data processing and storage. By centralizing tools and teams in a secure, compliant platform, GovSlack empowers public sector organizations to meet evolving challenges and deliver exceptional services to the constituents they serve.

It’s not that email is broken—it’s limited

Even though landlines still work, we prefer to do everything on our smart devices. It’s not surprising. Better technology allows us to move faster, accomplish more and connect more easily. That’s exactly what Slack provides, while the inbox remains stuck in a cycle of refresh and reply.

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