Salesforce is as a powerful CRM platform, streamlining operations, boosting productivity, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, the task of maintaining and optimizing a Salesforce org poses challenges for any business, no matter how large the IT team. To surmount these obstacles, many enterprises are turning to SFDC Managed Services.  Managed Services are a cost-effective solution to remote system administration and development providing maximum flexibility.

Salesforce Managed Services

Managed Services is the outsourcing of Sales, Marketing, and/or Customer Success functions to a certified Salesforce partner.   Your Salesforce MSP will provide optimal functionality to your Salesforce instance with minimal costs and hassle.  A Managed Services Provider can handle everything from installation and customization to ongoing administration and configuration in your org.

Managed services entail an outsourcing model that delegates specific processes and functions to a third-party provider, aiming to optimize operations and reduce costs. This proactive approach concentrates on averting issues before they arise. With Managed Services, businesses gain access to the expertise of a dedicated Salesforce team, alleviating the complexities of hiring, managing, and retaining in-house employees. Avoiding the knowledge loss associated with employee turnover.

This continuous support and maintenance solution enables businesses to keep their Salesforce org in optimal condition, aligned with their evolving needs. It also delivers essential consulting expertise to maximize the platform’s business value. Given that over 90% of Salesforce implementations involve enterprise-wide integrations and 60% utilize multiple Salesforce products, maintaining and optimizing a Salesforce org demands a broad skill set and a consulting mindset. By embracing SFDC Managed Services, businesses ensure they possess the necessary resources to fully capitalize on their Salesforce investment.

What are managed services?

Managed services for Salesforce are the best solution for businesses irrespective of their size and scope. It empowers organizations to reduce operational costs while aligning more specialized experts for implementation, training, administration, and support.

Managed Service Provider

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) Track is designed for partners that connect with their customers in entirely new ways by offering managed services. Unlike consulting partners who engage with customers during sales and implementation only, MSP Partners offer services post-implementation or on an ongoing basis.  Your Salesforce Managed Service Provider keeps your Salesforce working at optimal performance levels allowing you to deliver world-class customer service to your customers.

Salesforce Managed Services

For a tailored Salesforce Managed Services solution for your business, reach out to Tectonic today.  Tectonic is ready to partner with you, offering Salesforce support at every stage of your journey.

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