Once you’ve determined that Salesforce.org is the ideal CRM solution for your organization, the crucial next step is selecting the right Salesforce implementation partner to collaborate with. As the resident marketing and SEO specialist at Tectonic, I can attest that terms like “the best Salesforce implementation partner” or consultant often rank high in searches related to Salesforce. So, how do you select a Salesforce implementation partner?

selecting a Salesforce implementation partner

While any Salesforce partner may assert themselves as “the best,” relying solely on Google search rankings might indicate proficiency in search engine optimization rather than comprehensive capabilities. Geographical proximity or a prominent online presence doesn’t necessarily guarantee suitability for your organization. Therefore, it’s essential to identify a Salesforce implementation partner aligned with your unique needs. Here are key tips for making this decision:

What to Look For When Selecting a Salesforce Implementation Partner

Specialized Experience:

  • Seek a partner with expertise in your specific industry, business model, or focus area. Different partners may have distinct areas of proficiency within Salesforce, ensuring alignment with your specific requirements.

Independent Discovery:

  • Consider engaging a potential partner in an independent discovery process before full implementation. This smaller investment ensures confidence in their recommendations, understanding your business needs and technology requirements, resulting in a more significant return on investment.

Budget Consideration:

  1. Approach the search with a ballpark budget in mind. While not seeking the cheapest or most expensive option, aligning with partners within your budget range ensures productive discussions and avoids mismatched expectations.

Track Record and Reputation When Selecting a Salesforce Implementation Partner:

  1. Assess a partner’s track record through successful projects and positive customer reviews. Prioritize partners with a longstanding relationship with Salesforce, a diverse clientele, and a team capable of handling various development and customization needs, including data migration expertise.

Communication and Project Management:

  • Evaluate a partner’s communication and project management style. A good partner should clearly articulate their process, keeping you informed throughout the project. Ensure the team includes a delivery manager and an account representative who understands your needs and communicates effectively.

Compatibility with Other Tools:

  • Consider the partner’s familiarity with tools in your technology ecosystem to avoid learning curves or disruptions. Verify their ability to collaborate seamlessly with owners of ancillary systems during regular business hours.

Proven Process When Selecting a Salesforce Implementation Partner:

  • Look for a partner with a well-defined process, enhancing the likelihood of delivering a successful project on time and within budget. If your implementation is staged, confirm the partner’s bandwidth to see you through from start to finish.


  1. Assess a partner’s ability to adapt to your organization’s needs, tailoring their approach to meet unique requirements and facilitate change management processes.

Involve Project Sponsor/Administrator:

  • Engage the primary project sponsor or administrator within your organization in the partner selection process. This individual brings valuable institutional knowledge and is key to the success of the Salesforce deployment.

Ongoing Support Selecting a Salesforce Implementation Partner:

  • Seek a partner capable of providing ongoing support, fostering a long-term relationship. Consistency in the team handling your Salesforce development ensures smoother transitions between project phases.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and choose the right partner for your Salesforce.org project. It’s a bit like choosing a life partner. Good luck as you select a Salesforce implementation partner. Leverage resources like your Salesforce Account Executive’s recommendations, Salesforce’s partner list, and online searches to compile a diverse pool of potential candidates.

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