Enhance Your Marketing Cloud Presence with BrandBuilder-Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Builder

BrandBuilder in Marketing Cloud empowers you to personalize your account’s color scheme to align with your company’s logo colors. This enhancement ensures a unified brand experience for both users and subscribers across various platforms, including:

  • Marketing Cloud Login Page
  • Email Page
  • Marketing Cloud Application
  • Subscription Center

To start using BrandBuilder:

  1. Upload Your Logo: Begin by uploading your logo file in either JPG or GIF format, ensuring it does not exceed 550 pixels wide by 100 pixels high.
  2. Select Color Schemes: Once uploaded, BrandBuilder automatically generates several color scheme options based on your logo’s colors. Choose the scheme that best reflects your brand identity.
  3. Preview and Customize: Review the chosen color scheme and preview how it will appear across different areas of your Marketing Cloud account. Customize individual colors as needed to better match your brand.
  4. Apply Brand: After finalizing your color selections, apply the brand to your Marketing Cloud account. The updated color scheme will be reflected in the designated areas, providing a cohesive brand experience for your users.

Creating a new brand in your account is now simpler with BrandBuilder, thanks to recent changes in the Setup menu. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Brand Builder. Here’s how:

  1. Access BrandBuilder: Navigate to Setup > Settings > Company Settings > BrandBuilder and click on the “New Brand” button.
  2. Customize Brand: Provide a name for your brand and upload your logo. BrandBuilder will analyze the colors of your logo and adjust the color scheme accordingly.
  3. Edit Colors: If necessary, edit the proposed colors to match your preferences.
  4. Preview: Preview how your customized elements will appear across different areas of your account.
  5. Apply Brand to Business Units: Once customization is complete, choose the business units to which this brand should be applied.

With BrandBuilder, maintaining brand consistency and enhancing the visual appeal of your Marketing Cloud account has never been easier.

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