Utilize Marketing Cloud Personalization (formerly known as Interaction Studio) to visualize, monitor, and govern customer experiences through real-time interaction management. Leverage personalized customer experiences to foster meaningful engagement at the perfect moment and in alignment with your audience’s preferences. Personalization amplifies the capabilities of Marketing Cloud Engagement by introducing expanded real-time personalization and various campaign options. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization Studio Campaigns.

Within the marketer’s realm, numerous campaigns span various categories. Apart from channels, Marketing Cloud Personalization (MCP) extends its support beyond web, accommodating mobile and email campaigns, along with triggered and server-side JavaScript (JS) campaigns.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization Studio Campaigns

Web Campaigns and Templates:

  • Web campaigns form the core of tailoring your web channel, delivering experiences that resonate with users. By leveraging a web campaign, you can personalize different facets of your website based on user behavior, affinities, preferences, location, or other qualifying criteria.

Server-Side Campaigns:

  • Server-side campaigns seamlessly integrate testing and personalization at the server-to-server level. While MCP handles the campaign logic, a developer is required to code the necessary APIs and provide information about the website visitor.

Triggered Campaigns:

  • Triggers, such as specific visitor behaviors or environmental changes, prompt MCP actions, like sending an email. Triggered campaigns allow for targeting diverse user segments, offering distinct experiences, conducting A/B testing, and defining campaign schedules or frequencies.

Open Time Email Campaigns:

  • Open time email campaigns deliver personalized content and product recommendations whenever a recipient opens an email. These campaigns leverage existing email campaigns sent via your mail marketing service, providing real-time personalized content aligned with individual intent and preferences.

Mobile Campaigns:

  • Personalization mobile campaigns empower the creation and deployment of personalized experiences for Android and iOS mobile apps using native app code (Java, Objective-C, and Swift). Implementation of the Personalization Mobile SDK is a prerequisite for creating mobile campaigns, including In-App Message, Push, and Data campaigns.

Content updated January 2024.

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