In times of disaster or when safeguarding fundamental rights, it is humans, not technology, that distribute supplies and ensure access to essential needs. Nonprofits, regardless of size, collaborate with individuals, partner organizations, government agencies, healthcare providers, volunteers, and staff to foster community and planetary improvement. Whether responding to a natural disaster or organizing a local food drive, the key is the collaborative effort of people and systems working together, driving real change and impact. Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising from Salesforce is a custom built CRM for nonprofits.

Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising

At Salesforce, the vision for nonprofits centers is on empowering impact makers with the best technology. We believe technology should play a crucial role in bringing people and organizations together to scale impactful moments. Our goal is to simplify nonprofit operations by breaking down information silos within organizations and with local or global partners. To collectively achieve greater impact, collaboration, information sharing, and data utilization are essential. We have collaborated with partners and nonprofit peers to address four key priorities:

  • Deliver powerful programs through programs and case management.
  • Grow fundraising income with data intelligence and insights.
  • Know and expand your community with personalized experiences.
  • Measure, learn from, and share impact.
  • With this in mind, we are excited to announce our new vision for Nonprofit Cloud—a suite of nonprofit technology solutions built directly into the core of Salesforce. Unlike layering nonprofit applications on top of the platform, this innovation allows us to integrate directly into Salesforce’s core, providing access to innovation across all industries. The new Nonprofit Cloud aims to address all nonprofit goals in a single, unified solution.

Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising

Over the past two decades, Salesforce has collaborated with the community and partner ecosystem to deliver purpose-built packages on top of the Salesforce platform. While continuing support for existing offerings like NPSP, Nonprofit Cloud Case Management, and the Program Management Module, we are also introducing a new solution for nonprofit organizations. This reimagined solution integrates program management, case management, outcomes, marketing engagement, and fundraising into a single platform, starting with a focus on delivering programs and case management. Fundraising and outcomes will be added to this comprehensive solution later this year. This new solution includes Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising.

Salesforce's Nonprofit Donor Engagement Guide

Your donors are some of your organization’s biggest advocates. Their gifts fuel your organization and help further your mission. That’s why it’s crucial to understand how to keep donors interested and involved through donor engagement. In this insight, we’ll explain what donor engagement is and offer tactics to bolster your donor engagement strategy.  Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising improves engagement with your donors and helps to foster quicker responses.

Next Generation Nonprofit Cloud

This next generation of Nonprofit Cloud offers faster and easier access to nonprofit technology through the full Salesforce platform. By unifying stakeholder experiences across the organization and its partners, this innovation accelerates data-driven decision-making, allowing organizations to focus on what is working and where change is needed. It provides a more unified approach to programs, fundraising, engagement, and outcomes, while also granting quicker access to the wealth of innovation available across all Salesforce solutions for various industries and use cases.

Donor engagement measures how attentive and involved donors are with your organization. 

Here’s a list of donor engagement KPIs to keep track of: 

  • Number of events attended.
  • Number of hours spent volunteering.
  • Survey responses.
  • Social media followers, likes, and comments.
  • Reposts and shares on articles.
  • Years spent as a donor.
  • Website visits.
  • Email opens and clicks.
  • Past patterns of giving. 

Donors show they’re engaged by reading your emails, attending your volunteer opportunities, promoting your mission on social media, and many other ways.

Keeping track of these donor engagement KPIs gives you valuable insight into the mindset of your donors. For instance, donors who are no longer attending events, ignoring your emails, or not interacting on social media may be at risk of abandoning your organization altogether. Meanwhile, donors who are attending events and engaging online may be ready to increase their involvement. 

Donor engagement is the key to donor retention, as engaged donors tend to be happy donors who are actively choosing to stay in touch with your organization. In order to measure donor engagement, it’s important to keep track of which donors are engaged and which aren’t. 

For more information about Nonprofit Cloud for your organization, contact Tectonic today.

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