Einstein Send Time Optimization (STO) in Marketing Cloud Engagement revolutionizes message delivery by leveraging machine learning to predict the most effective times for engagement. This feature aids marketers in enhancing email and push notification engagement by automating the analysis of each contact’s optimal send time.


Key Highlights of Einstein Send Time Optimization:

  • Individualized Timing:
    • Einstein determines the best time to send messages for each contact by utilizing automated analysis.
    • For Commercial send classification, Einstein updates its sending model weekly based on the latest engagement data, excluding Transactional send classification.
  • Journey Builder Activity:
    • The STO Journey Builder activity tailors message delivery to each contact’s peak engagement time.
    • When individual data is insufficient, a generalized model derived from enterprise sending data guides the message timing.
  • Analytics Dashboard:
    • The STO dashboard provides predictive analytics on future message engagement based on historical data.
  • Automation Studio Integration:
    • In Automation Studio, Einstein STO is employed in a Send Email activity, considering about 20 factors for each contact.
    • Machine learning, coupled with 90 days of engagement data, determines the optimal time within the next 24 hours for sending emails.
  • Data Preview and Sampling:
    • Previews of potential send times for contacts in a data extension are based on sampled data, especially when dealing with numerous rows.
  • Benefits and Impact:
    • STO improves email open rates by up to 25%, reduces the likelihood of messages going unnoticed, and enhances the perception of non-intrusiveness.
    • Adapts to recipient behavior, adjusting send times according to changes in recipient habits.
  • Journey Optimization:
    • Incorporate the STO activity before each email or push notification activity in Journey Builder to ensure messages are sent at the optimal hour for each contact.
    • The feature assigns the best hour for individualized analysis, contributing to increased overall engagement.
  • Combining with Wait Activity:
    • Combine the Einstein STO activity with a wait activity when there’s a minimum one-day wait between email messages.
    • This combination ensures that emails are sent when recipients are most likely to engage, enhancing the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Measurement and Testing:
    • Gauge the impact of send time optimization by adding STO after a random split activity, comparing engagement rates for optimized and non-optimized paths.

Einstein Send Time Optimization, available with Marketing Cloud Einstein terms, offers a powerful tool for marketers seeking to personalize and optimize the timing of their email and mobile messages, thereby maximizing engagement.

Content updated February 2024.

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