Check out new features that enable customer service agents to work faster and more productively across customer service channels. Salesforce Service Summer 24 Release Notes.

  • Discover Service Capabilities with My Service Journey (Beta)
    Discover how to take your Service Cloud implementation from good to great with My Service Journey. Get the Salesforce point of view on how to achieve your business goals for different Service areas, like the Help Site or Agent Console. With My Service Journey, you can explore Service Cloud capabilities based on your business goals, edition, what’s new, whether it’s an Einstein feature, and more.
    • Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Enterprise, Professional, and Unlimited editions.
  • Einstein for Service
    Check out new Einstein for Service features that increase agent productivity by putting AI insights, summaries, and recommendations directly in the flow of work.
  • Service Intelligence
    Check out new Service Intelligence features that help you reduce costs and improve customer service.
    • Get Your Service Intelligence Data Even Faster
      Update your service data more frequently with the new hourly app refresh schedule option.
    • Monitor Your Service Intelligence Installations and Upgrades
      When Service Intelligence is installed or upgraded, the process progress displays the elapsed time.
    • Access Your Service Intelligence Resources in One Place
      After installing Service Intelligence, you can explore all the app’s Salesforce resources. These resources include analytics assets, like dashboards and components, intelligence assets like Einstein Studio models, data assets like datasets and data model objects, and transformations like batch data transforms.
    • Help Agents Predict Time to Resolve Cases
      Add the Time to Resolve insight component to your case page layouts so your agents can estimate  and prioritize workloads. AI-powered insights evaluate how much time it might take to resolve cases so agents can better manage SLAs or reassign work to teammates. Time to Resolve is a machine learning model built using Einstein Studio No Code Builder.
    • View Contact Center Metrics on Enhanced Dashboards
      Spot key performance indicators (KPIs) on redesigned dashboards for cases, omni-channel, and conversation mining. New tabs for Channel Performance, Agent Performance, and Knowledge Performance help you find specific metrics faster. New Data Explorer sections let you analyze topics, such as case volume and routing effectiveness. Additions to case dashboards include the Contact Reason field and Costly Contact Reasons chart so you view more insights about your contact center.
    • Simplify Service Intelligence Permission Sets
      To streamline access to the CRM Analytics Platform, a new Service Intelligence App Admin permission set replaces the Service Intelligence Admin permission set. Unlimited Edition orgs already have the CRM Analytics Platform, so the new Service Intelligence permission set removes duplicate access.
  • Service Catalog
    Check out new features that enhance self-service automation and enable customer service agents to work faster and more productively across customer service channels.
    • Run Catalog Items for Contacts in Service Console
      Use Service Console to execute catalog items outside of Service Catalog. Catalog items are now available in the Actions & Recommendations component, enabling service agents to run catalog items on behalf of customers who can’t order those services themselves.
    • Make Catalog Items Available On External Sites with Lightning Out
      Site admins can use a Lightning Out component to make catalog items available on external sites, which enable customers to order services from external sites without needing access to Service Catalog. Additionally, authenticated users can use external sites to confer their authentication to unauthenticated users, giving those unauthenticated users access to catalog items.
    • Provide Guest User Access to Service Catalog
      Use a guest user profile in Service Catalog to control public user access to view and request items in your catalog without authentication. Previously, only authenticated users were supported in Service Catalog.
    • Integrate Service Catalog with Knowledge
      Provide even more customer self-service efficiency with Knowledge in Service Catalog. Attaching knowledge articles to catalog items provides more information about the service than the catalog item description alone does. The additional information increases customer self-service efficiency, because customers use the article to solve their own contact reasons.
    • Einstein for Service Catalog
      Accelerate case deflections in Service Catalog with Einstein Copilot. Through its generative AI-powered conversational experience, Einstein Copilot takes action in Service Catalog to resolve customers contact reasons without having them navigate your catalog or requiring agent assistance.
  • Channels
    Learn about Summer ’24 improvements to Email-to-Case, Messaging, and Service Cloud Voice.
    • Email
      Get the gist of emails and email threads with Einstein Email Summaries, use upgraded threading for automated emails, and enjoy improvements to the composer experience.
    • Messaging
      In Summer ’24, migrate enhanced WhatsApp channels to Unified Messaging, message customers in the Salesforce Mobile App, analyze messaging transcripts in Data Cloud, and scale up your customer service with improvements to messaging components.
    • Voice
      Reduce customer wait time by actively managing your contact center queue backlog. Get midconversation summaries for Voice in five more languages. Protect sensitive data by masking customer phone numbers.
    • Social Media
      Social Customer Service Starter Pack is retiring.
    • Channel Tools
      User verification works in Messaging for In-App and Web deployments that are added to Channel Menu, and the Search Individual flow action is generally available.
  • Knowledge
    Check out Unified Knowledge’s general availability and other features that help simplify knowledge management.
    • Unify Knowledge from Various Sources in Salesforce (Generally Available)
      Bring all your knowledge articles into Salesforce from third-party systems like SharePoint, Confluence, Google Drive, and websites within Salesforce. Expose Unified Knowledge across every customer touchpoint and search experience, and ground Generative AI products for Einstein for Service. This feature, now generally available, includes some changes since the last release.
    • Turn On Lightning Article Editor and Article Personalization for Knowledge (Release Update)
      Unlock a richer and more user-friendly experience with the new Lightning Article Editor. And with Article Personalization, your knowledge content supports agent productivity specific to your business needs.
    • Run the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool
      Get the latest Knowledge features when you migrate from Knowledge Classic to Lightning Knowledge, like Einstein Article Recommendations, Einstein Search for Knowledge, Flow support, and bots. The Classic Knowledge data model retirement phase is in progress. To prepare for this retirement and take advantage of updated features, run the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool. After running the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool, you can still use Classic Knowledge in the Classic UI. We aren’t retiring the Classic UI for Knowledge.
  • Routing
    Omni-Channel users can now complete work from their mobile device. To avoid disconnecting calls, messaging sessions, or other work, you can choose for all agents to remain logged in to their original Omni-Channel sessions when subsequent Salesforce tabs or windows are opened.
    • IdeaExchange Delivered: Support Customers While on the Go with Omni-Channel for Mobile (Beta)
      Omni-Channel users can now complete work from their mobile device. With Omni Inbox, they can set their status and handle work requests from all enhanced channels, with the exception of Voice. They also receive notifications on their mobile device about new work, updates to work, and changes to their status. Omni Inbox is part of the Salesforce mobile app. We delivered this feature thanks to your ideas on IdeaExchange.
    • Stay Logged In to Omni-Channel When Using Multiple Tabs
      To improve the agent experience when they open multiple tabs and browsers, a third new Omni-Channel login option is available. Now, with the Remained logged in to Omni-Channel in previous console option, the agent no longer has to decide which Omni-Channel session to keep. The agent remains logged in to the original Omni-Channel session and will be offline for any sessions created when they open additional tabs or browsers. Also, when an agent refreshes the Omni-Channel page, they now remain logged in to the same session, keeping all in-progress work open.
    • Route Orchestration Work Items with Omni-Channel
      Now use Omni-Channel to route orchestration work items to assigned users.
    • Pause Messaging Sessions with Omni-Channel Status-Based Capacity (Beta)
      With this release, status-based capacity works with Enhanced Messaging, so you can take advantage of Enhanced Omni-Channel’s paused work feature. Pause messaging sessions and keep track of inactive sessions. When a messaging session goes inactive, there’s no need to use flows to set ownership or provide a notification when it becomes active again.
  • Feedback Management
    Check out the enhanced data mapper page.
  • Scheduled Reminders
    Check out scheduled reminders for upcoming events and occasions.
    • Boost Participation for Upcoming Events with Scheduled Reminders
      Maintain engagement and prevent users from missing upcoming occasions or responsibilities with scheduled reminders. Send timely email reminders to alert users about approaching commitments. For example, survey creators can send reminders to recipients to respond before the surveys expire. Previously, users could send reminders only for past events.
  • Industries in Service Cloud
    Check out Industries features for Service Cloud that enhance the service experience and assist in automating complex decisions.
    • Extend Your Service Cloud Implementation with Service Innovations from Industries
      Orchestrate every part of the service experience and provide meaningful, personalized interactions to your customers with Service Innovations, now available in Service Cloud. Service Innovations, a collection of components from Industry Cloud, can help agents quickly resolve customer cases and proactively address issues from the Service Console.
    • Create Rules with Business Rules Engine
      Build powerful, scalable lookups and calculations that automate complex decisions by using Business Rules Engine, now available in Service Cloud. Your business users can create rules that are easy to maintain and integrate directly with Flow and third-party workflow tools using Apex or REST APIs.

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