Einstein for Service is a robust suite of time-saving Artificial Intelligence features designed to empower agents in delivering exceptional customer service experiences. Salesforce Service Cloud Einstein-learn more.

Customer service has evolved from being a cost center to a growth driver, and leading companies are prioritizing customer service to increase brand loyalty. 

In Service Cloud Einstein, various AI technologies, such as Machine Learning (ML), deep learning, predictive analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and smart data discovery, work collaboratively to enhance customer support, providing faster and better service.

Salesforce Einstein, recognized as the world’s first “generative AI” built for CRM, seamlessly integrates into multiple Salesforce products, including Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud.

Sales Cloud incorporates Einstein in the form of eight essential tools:

  1. Einstein Bots (Bots Builder): Offers chatbots for handling routine customer inquiries across multiple channels, supporting multilingual queries.
  2. Einstein Case Classification: Categorizes incoming cases with recommendations based on historical case data.
  3. Einstein Case Wrap-Up: Predicts final field values as chat agents complete cases, aiding in efficient case management.
  4. Einstein Case Routing: Executes case assignment rules and supports skills-based routing for the right agent assignment.
  5. Einstein Article Recommendations: Assists agents in finding Knowledge articles quickly to address customer queries.
  6. Einstein Reply Recommendations: Utilizes past Chat transcripts to train a predictive model for common responses to customer inquiries.
  7. Einstein Conversation Mining: Uses NLP to identify common customer interactions and recommends process optimizations.
  8. Service Analytics: A part of the Einstein portfolio, providing analytics templates for visualizing contact center performance and aiding service agents in making informed decisions.

Salesforce Einstein, since its inception in 2016, has been at the forefront of CRM AI technology, delivering personalized and predictive experiences for enhanced professionalism.

Salesforce Service Cloud is a CRM platform focused on providing service and support to business customers. It is an extension of the Sales Cloud product tailored for sales professionals.

Service Cloud Einstein is utilized by notable companies like Thomson Reuters, Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits, Cisco, and Skillsoft.

Service Cloud Einstein benefits businesses by providing efficient customer service, with Einstein GPT responding promptly to inquiries, offering precise responses, enhancing customer satisfaction, and reducing resolution time.   Studies show that in the same time 3 customers could be serviced before Service Cloud Einstein, now ten can be taken care of.

The difference between Einstein GPT and ChatGPT lies in their design, with Einstein GPT specifically tailored for Salesforce users and clouds, while ChatGPT is a more versatile model for general use.

Einstein is available for free with Salesforce’s Developer Edition, providing access to most platform features for building and testing custom applications and integrations using Einstein.

Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud differ in their focus, with Sales Cloud concentrating on sales processes, while Service Cloud centers around customer service and support.

Einstein remains the overarching AI brand for Salesforce, present across the portfolio, including within Tableau. Einstein Discovery is available as part of Tableau CRM Plus or through Einstein Predictions.

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Content updated January 2024.

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