was developed in response to the challenges posed by the Coronavirus Pandemic, offering support to companies and communities in safely resuming their operations.

At its core, features a command center that empowers users to make informed, data-driven decisions regarding the safety of various activities, such as reopening offices. Seamless integration with Tableau allows the visualization of extensive datasets.

Beyond the command center, incorporates essential features, including employee health and wellness monitoring, shift management for capacity planning, and contact tracing.

Welcome to, an employee-centered experience designed to help everyone at your company succeed, regardless of their work location.

Key Features:

  • Boost engagement and productivity
  • Intuitive self-service and support
  • Automated employee processes with intelligence

Is owned by Salesforce?

Yes, Salesforce acquired the technology behind in 2011 when it purchased Rypple, a Toronto-based company that provided cloud-based human resources (HR) software. The application has since evolved through various iterations, expanding its focus to enhance employees’ remote work experience. Customer 360 Integration integrates the full power of Salesforce Customer 360, health experts, business leaders, and the Salesforce partner ecosystem. It equips teams with the tools needed to be productive, safe, and resilient in the evolving landscape of business operations, employee safety, wellness, experience and productivity, and customer trust and communications.

Workplace Command Center serves as a company’s “single pane of glass” for managing the complexities associated with reopening businesses and guiding employees back to work. It functions as an Operations Executive’s “cockpit” for navigating the organization through crises, resuming business operations, and emerging stronger.

Shift Management, an add-on to Workplace Command Center, helps companies balance workplace coverage and employee availability while creating new capacity models that support a safe return to work. HR and People leaders can create shifts to fill workplace capacity, while staggering arrivals to facilitate a safe return to offices.

Employee Concierge delivers one integrated service experience for any employee need, streamlining workflows across various departments and empowering employees to find answers to their questions within Employee Workspace.
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